On My Dock: An Inside Look at KICKER’s Tower Speakers

In this installment of On My Dock, Randy Vance gives us an inside look at KICKER Marine Audio’s tower speakers.

When choosing a sound system for your boat, there are a lot of choices and considerations. Aside from the hostility of the wet, salty and foggy marine environment on electronics, your boating lifestyle plays a role as well. Since boaters tend to blast their music, to hear it over engine and wind noise, pure, good quality sound is key. That is where KICKER Marine Audio enters as an important player in your sound system choice.

Founded in 1973 by a musician who sought excellent bass for his own sound system, Steve Irby pioneered the mobile audio market and has long been known in the “12-volt” world as the leader in sound quality. The company’s marine division, KICKER Marine Audio, now heightens its reputation in the boating industry with its line of solid marine-grade components, including the KMFC and KMTC HLCD Horn-Loaded Tower Systems. The HLCD Systems serve the hot and growing segments like wake and surf boats and all those who love projecting sound.

KICKER Marine Audio’s HLCD systems provide the most sonically accurate reproduction available for the HLCD tower speaker category. Key to this sonic purity is the mechanical geometry of the horn itself, according to Phil White, Unit Director, Marine Audio Systems. The KMFC and KMTC horn features a constantly changing cross-section from the horn’s driver to its flare. KICKER Marine Audio’s superior horn geometry eliminates problematic standing waves and resonances found in other HLCD tower speakers that have “straight section with flare” horn design.

As the largest tower speaker currently available on the market, the KMFC11 and KMTC11 speakers also provide the greatest cone area on the market, further enhancing the sound quality and efficiency. Match it with a powerful KICKER Marine Audio KXMA1200.2 amplifier and your boat’s sound will out-play any other on the water!

KICKER Marine Audio offers two mounting options that simplify installation: The KMFC11 speaker and mounting system features “factory” or “flat” surfaces that work with OEM hard points and can bolt right to the tower’s factory tower speaker mounts. All wiring is hidden, as it is routed through the mounting, providing a marine grade connection system for ease of installation. The KMTC11 mounts easily to round tubes, which constitute the majority of boat towers on the market; it also features an even slicker plug-and-play connection system.

All KICKER Marine Audio’s can enclosures are tough, UV-treated and come in black and white to complement a boat’s color scheme. The white or black speaker grilles likewise are UV-treated, and have 7-color LED lights, upgradable to 20 colors and 19 lighting modes by adding the KMLC remote. KMFC11 and KMTC11 speakers have 1.4″ titanium horn drivers and meet or exceed ASTM, UV, salt/fog exposure standards.

When you want to “Kick” up your sound system, rely on the brand that delivers the finest quality acoustics and marine-grade components—KICKER Marine Audio.

kicker.com/kmfc-11-inch-coaxial-tower-system, MSRP: $1,379.95

kicker.com/kmtc-11-inch-4-ohm-coaxial-tower-system, MSRP: $1,579.95

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