Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour – Digital Stop 3

The unbelievable progression continues on the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour, as riders take advantage of the virtual format and put together incredible contest lines!
Cory Teunissen catching big air at stop 3
Cory Teunissen en route to another PWT victory. PWT

The results of the third stop of the Supra Boats PWT are in, and it was another totally insane virtual event with some unbelievable (and never-before-seen) riding from the best riders in the world. For this round, Supra had each rider add a double up to their run, which definitely upped the fun-factor and the progression.

With one of the craziest runs we’ve ever seen in a contest/straight line setting, Cory Teunissen took home the victory. Here’s the 2018 PWT champ’s six-trick line:

  • Double indy tantrum to blind
  • Mute double half cab roll
  • Switch melon crow mobe 720
  • Switch melon 360
  • Switch toeside 1080
  • Toeside double indy back roll

For his double up, Teunissen threw down a massive switch heelside 1080. His run put him over the top, and he’s in line to take back the overall PWT title from fellow Aussie Nic Rapa if he does well enough at Stop 4. Stay tuned!


Watch all the Finals runs here!

Supra Boats PWT Stop 3 Results

  • 1st: Corey Teunissen – 96.00
  • 2nd: Nic Rapa – 92.38
  • 3rd: Tyler Higham – 89.25
  • 4th: Fynn Bullock – 86.38
  • 5th: Guenther Oka – 86.13
  • 6th: Shota Tezuka – 79.88
  • 7th: Kai Ditsch – 79.25
  • 8th: Tony Carroll – 76.00