2021 Supra Boats PWT Final Stop

Pro Men and Pro Women take on center stage.
Jamie Lopina backflipping over the wake
Pro men and pro women shared the stage at the Pro Wakeboard Tour final stop in Gainesville, Georgia. Supra Team Rider Jamie Lopina took top honors at the Moxie Pro Live Boat event. Courtesy Chris Eason

On Saturday, Aug 21, 2021 at Lake Lanier Olympic Park the last PWT Tour stop of the year was held including the Moxie-Pro women’s series Live boat event. The venue, originally built for the rowing races at the Atlanta Olympic Games, provided a perfect setting for spectators and a challenging backwash for the pros.

Ulf Ditsch getting air
When we asked Argentinean rider Ulf Ditsch who his favorite rider is, without hesitation he says, “Kai” pointing at his twin brother. Kai is planning a surf trip to Costa Rica after his $25,000 big payout at Wakefest (brother Ulf is invited). Courtesy Chris Eason

In the Pro Men’s quarterfinal heats, rollers and contest jitters got to some riders. Kai Ditsch fell on the last trick of his second pass, Finn Bullock missed the handle on his last trick but edged Kai out from the semis along with his twin brother Ulf who fell early. Finn advanced behind stand-out Sam Brown who rode solid and stood both passes.

Cory Teunissen showing off
Top contender Cory Teunissen from Australia breezed through the elimination heats. Courtesy Chris Eason

Unfortunately Bobby Knapp, the local kid from Lake Lanier had a heartbreaking fall in front of his cheering home crowd. Italy’s Massi Piffaretti advanced next to Guenther Oka, Cory Teunissen, Tyler Highman and Jake Pelot from Orlando who rode huge and clean.


Legend Bob Soven came out of retirement but fell early and did not advance, neither did the rookie on the tour Thomas Herman who fell on the double and missed the handle on a 720. Japan’s Shota Tezuka, the first rider to land a heel side 1080 in a contest, was nursing a recent knee injury and rode conservatively. He stood both passes and advanced to the next round behind defending tour champ Nic Rapa who stuck everything consistently.

Nic Rapa boosting
Defending Tour Overall Champion Nic Rapa was on his A-Game all day long. Courtesy Chris Eason

In the pro men’s semifinal, sixteen-year-old Finn Bullock, who also trains with the olympic snowboarding team, fell at the end of first pass and didn’t make the cut neither did Shota Tezuka who fell early in both passes.

Hollie Waldrop made it to the finals after rides like this
18-year-old Hollie Waldrop from Orlando rode consistently and made it to the final round. Courtesy Chris Eason

In the Pro women’s semifinals a few faces where MIA from the line up including Fan Favorite and US Masters Champion Mary Morgan Howell, 6xWorld Champion Dallas Friday along with Japan’s top Moxie-Pro boat qualified finalist Hinata Yoshihara. That did not make it any easier for the pro women who competed since the level and the depth of riding today is amazingly high.

Tarah Mikacich getting vertical during her ride
O’Brien team rider Tarah Mikacich rode solid in the semis and advanced to the final. Courtesy Chris Eason

Today there’s no room for error, Bec Gange known for being the first woman to land a whirlybird 540, fell early in her second pass and did not advance to the finals. Neither did the youngest qualifier of the Series, 12-year-old Kitt Smith. Kitt had a brave participation along experienced pros like Tarah Mikacich who stood up both passes and won the heat.

Bec Gange going upside down
The rollers got to 2x World Champion Bec Gange from Mildura Australia. She had an early fall on her second pass and did not advance to the finals. Courtesy Chris Eason

Jamie Lopina landed roll to blind advancing next to Meagan Ethell who landed 540′s and a whirlybird, Eugenia de Armas landed a 540 and a Tootsie Roll and Orlando’s Taylor McCullough made it through in third place.

The top six women riders at the final stop
The final six from left Lopina, Mikacich, De Armas, Ethell, Waldrop and McCullough. Courtesy Chris Eason

The stakes were high at the In the Pro men’s final. When the scores came in Guenther Oka came out on top but was a few points shy from the Tour Overall.


Final Scores:

  • 1st USA Guenther Oka 86 points
  • 2nd AUSTRALIA Nic Rapa 83.33
  • 3rd AUSTRALIA Sam Brown 64.33
  • 4th ITALY Massi Piffaretti 53.33
  • 5th AUSTRALIA Cory Teunissen 41.66
  • 6th USA Jake Pelot 23.33
Guenther Oka on his way to winning the last stop
Winning the last stop of the Pro Wake Tour, Cincinnati’s Guenther Oka proved that there are no limits to what he can accomplish. Courtesy Chris Eason

Guenther Oka’s golden 2021 season includes 2 wins at the PWT, the US Masters title and a third place at the groundbreaking Red Bull Wake Capital in Hamburg. The incredibly talented rider has two more big contests on the line, the World Wakeboard Championships and the World Wake Park Championships going down in September. Stay tuned while he continues to progress with new tricks like the X-MOBE7 and doubles.

Massi Piffaretti showing off his bag of tricks
Italy’s Massi Piffaretti stomped clean technical moves with a “Byerliesque” style, advanced to the finals and ended up in fourth place. Courtesy Chris Eason

Nic Rapa inspired and challenged a stacked field of elite competitors with his consistency and focus. He defended his title and made history by winning the PWT Overall Championship for the third year in a row. A feat that has only been accomplished by the eminent Darin Shapiro.

Nic Rapa catching huge air behind the boat
Three-peat! For Supra boats team rider Nic Rapa the 2021 PWT Overall Series Champion. Courtesy Chris Eason

Top contender Sam Brown went for it in the final and nearly landed a Chicken Salad Moby Dick 540 but caught an edge and fell. Although he missed the trick, he earned a spot in the podium winning third place in stop #4 and third overall for the 2021 season behind Oka and Rapa.

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Sam Brown with a tailgrab
Sam Brown, the multi-talented Australian teen placed third at the PWT stop #4 in Gainesville, Georgia and secured a 3rd place overall for the 2021 PWT season. Courtesy Chris Eason
Top three men's riders at the final stop
Guenther Oka wins the event in 2nd place Nic Rapa and fellow Aussie Sam Brown in third. Courtesy Chris Eason

Honorary mention to Indiana’s Thomas Herman who won the coveted Rookie Of The Year award.

Top three women's riders on the podium
Jamie Lopina rode impressively, handling the rollers and the pressure like a real pro. She stuck a huge crowmobe winning the first ever Moxie Pro Live event! In 2nd place Argentina’s Eugenia de Armas and in third Taylor McCullough. Courtesy Chris Eason

In the much anticipated Pro Women’s Final, the big surprise was Meagan Ethell who fell early and ended up in sixth place. Hollie Waldrop earned a respectable 5th.

Eugenia De Armas flipping out
Eugenia De Armas landed a Moby Dick and a Tootsie Roll in the final and placed second behind Jamie Lopina at the Moxie-Pro Series Live Boat event. Courtesy Chris Eason
Taylor McCullough flipping over the wake
Sporting a colorful hair-doo Taylor McCullough took home the bronze. Courtesy Chris Eason

Tarah Mikacich missed the handle on an off-axis 540 and barely missed the podium just a point behind Taylor McCullough.

It was incredibly refreshing and inspiring to watch the Pro Women compete at the PWT. Plans for next year are underway!

Trophies for the Pro Women riders
Pro Women trophies. Courtesy Chris Eason

In the Junior Pro Men’s final, Tyler Highman placed 3rd with 58.33 points, followed by Cody Hunnicutt with 64 points and winner Parker Swope with 71.66. Missing in action was points leader Jamie Huser who unfortunately could not attend, we wish him a speedy recovery.

Jr. Men's Wakeboarding Podium Winners
The junior pro final saw Parker Swope finish first, Cody Hunnicutt second and Tanner Higham third. Courtesy PWT
2021 PWT Pro Men’s overall podium
The 2021 PWT Pro Men’s overall podium Nic Rapa, Guenther Oka and Sam Brown. Courtesy Chris Eason

Wakesurf Finals

Pro Wakesurfing Final Heat Scores:

  • 1st – Taylor Swanson: 91.00
  • 2nd – Sean Silveira: 81.66
  • 3rd – Nick Parros: 73.33
Taylor Swanson won the wakesurf event
Event winner Taylor Swanson. Courtesy Chris Eason
Sean Silveira holding his trophy for overall win
PWT Overall Series Champion Sean Silveira. Courtesy Chris Eason
Top three men's wakesurfers from the final stop
PWT Stop #4 winner Taylor Swanson with Sean Silveira and Nick Parros. Courtesy Chris Eason