2021 Moxie-Pro Series Live Cable Final

An epic showdown at the 2021 Moxie-Pro Cable Live Finals by an A-List of female park riders.

August 30, 2021
Jamie Lopina on the podium
Jamie Lopina continued her winning ways. Garrett Cortese

Terminus Wake Park, Georgia August 22, 2021

Good vibes and blue skies greeted the world’s top female Wake Park contestants for an anticipated day of competition at the Moxie-Pro Live Cable event. The top eight qualifiers from the Moxie-Pro Online International Cable Event were invited to compete at the Live event final.

Jame Lopina going big in the cable park
Jamie Lopina shredding the park. Garrett Cortese

The All-Star list of pro women included the 2021 US National Champion Texas native Anna Nikstad, World Champion Julia Rick from Germany, Moxie-Pro Boat winner Jamie Lopina, 15-year-old Terminus Wake Park native Rivers Hedrick, Trick of the Year winner Lisa Baloo and Fan Vote winner 10-year-old Anastasia Syrova (both from Russia), Maryh Rougier from France and daredevil Katinka Buiting from Holland.

Judges at the Moxie Pro event
Event judge Bec Gange watched the action closely next to Tarah Mikacich and Argentina’s Eugenia de Armas who was still beaming from her runner up finish at the Moxie-Pro Boat event. Andrea Gaytan

Unfortunately Baloo, Syrova, Roughier and Buiting were unable to participate because of traveling restrictions, which opened the door to pro riders Meagan Ethell, Taylor McCullough and Hollie Waldrop who rounded up the line-up along standout Master Women’s champion Shannon Stuckey and local riders Riley Payne and Lacy Carlton.

Hollie Waldrop in the cable park
18-year-old standout Hollie Waldrop competed at the Moxie-Pro Cable and Boat events. Garrett Cortese

Advancing through stacked heats we watched Orlando’s Taylor McCullough (fresh from her podium finish at the PWT/Moxie Boat event) make it to the Semis. While 18-year-old Hollie Waldrop rode clean and big but got edged out at the Quarters by Meagan Ethell that landed a half cab mute roll and a clean 540. Rider of the Year Anna Nikstad stuck a huge seven and a Pete Rose.

The top three female riders at the Moxie Pro
Rick, Hedrick and Lopina put up some of the top scores. Garrett Cortese

Nikstad dealt with food poisoning yet spent her morning coaching and inspiring dozens of girls at a riders clinic held prior to the event. In the semifinals, she fell on the kicker and did not have time to hit it again. She was eliminated by youngster Rivers Hedrick, the crowd favorite local rider, who landed a huge and clean 720.

Anna Nikstad and River Hedricks both ride the Virago board
Viragang Sistas! Both Anna Nikstad and River Hedricks ride the Liquid Force Virago (Nikstad’s Pro Model). The non-gender specific board is one of the top selling Wake Park boards worldwide. Andrea Gaytan

Rivers Hedrick, Terminus Wake Park local favorite, made it into the finals landing a sick frontside 720 and defeated the top seed World Champion Julia Rick. Rick came all the way from Cologne, Germany and made it into the finals going huge and getting scarily close to some features in her landings. After sticking a huge and clean 720, she had a gnarly crash transferring from rail to rail and ended up in third place.

Rivers Hedrick boosting in the park
A golden path for Rivers Hedrick, paints a bright future for the talented 15-year-old sponsored by Liquid Force. Courtesy @ak_wake

Online Moxie Pro Event winners World Champions Meagan Ethell and Julia Rick didn’t take home the gold in neither of the Moxie Pro Live contest. Ethell placed sixth at the Boat finals and Rick placed third at the Cable Final. New faces decorated the podium’s coveted top spots as the extraordinary level of riding continues to rise.

Meagan Ethell and Julia Rick at the Moxie Pro
The game is changing for World Wakeboard Champion Meagan Ethell and World Wake Park Champion Julia Rick as new faces on the dock appear. Andrea Gaytan

Jamie Lopina flew in from London and continued her legendary weekend the day after winning the Moxie Live Boat event. Equally good at the Park, and not a stranger on podium, Lopina had a third place win earlier in the season at the Red Bull Wake Duel in Lithuania.


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She rode flawlessly round after round getting better and better. In the final she landed big 720′s, did inverts with hand-plants, huge transfers and won the event defeating the best riders in the world in BOTH Moxie-Pro (Boat and Cable) Live events!

Jamie Lopina with her dual checks
An unprecedented accomplishment for “JLo” who mastered both disciplines and raised the bar high, setting herself up as one of the greatest competitors of our time. Courtesy Jamie Lopina

Honorary mention to stand-out competitor “Momma” Shannon Stuckey, the 2020 Masters Women’s Champion made it into the Semis riding clean and sticking big 540′s (we clearly see who the Stuckey Boyz take after), and to the qualified riders that earned their invitations but missed the action because of traveling restrictions, pictured below.

Lisa Baloo going big
Russia’s powerhouse 2020 Wake Awards Trick of the Year winner Lisa Baloo. Courtesy @nikita_klyukvin
Anastasia Syrova is a phenomenal rider
Ten-year-old phenom Anastasia Syrova from Russia. Courtesy Hyperlite
Katinka Buiting with the winch start
Winch start by Katinka Buiting from Holland won the gnarliest crash at the 2020 Spacetapes contest. Courtesy @jungknarrecaption
Maryh Rougier launching in the park
Podium regular Maryh Rougier from France. Courtesy @franck.besson

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