There’s Something About Maryh

Maryh Rougier is crushing cable parks and sharing inspiration.
Maryh Rougier going big off a rail
Maryh Rougier hitting one of the many cable parks in France. @jessejarrett_

Maryh Rougier is making waves in France. We had the opportunity to get a few minutes with her to share some inspiration.

When did you start Wakeboarding?

I started wakeboarding about 8 years ago, when I was 20 years old.

Maryh Rougier hand-plants in the park
Maryh having a blast in the park. @syltrajan

Who got you into the sport?

I was working in an action park as a summer job. They had a cable park and we were allowed to use it on our free time. That’s how I first started. But I truly fell in love when the local crew built an obstacle!

Maryh cruising through the cable park
Getting in another great session. @syltrajan

Where do you train and where were you born?

I was born in Toulouse, France. Now I’m riding a lot at TNG Cable Park, which is one of the best cable parks in our country and only at 40 minutes from my place! We have so many cable parks in France, you have no idea! Within an hour from me there are six more! So, I am moving around a lot. Come and visit, I’ll show you!

Maryh winning awards for her riding
Hard work in the cable park pays off. @rodrigosnaps (left) @syltrajan (right)

What are your goals and what tricks are you working on?

My first and only goal is to have fun and enjoy my time on the water. Some days I’m just chilling out and having fun. Some days I’ll throw myself into new crazy missions. Whatever makes me happy at the moment.

Maryh excels at many boardsports
Maryh excels at boardriding in and out of the cable park. @david_dair (top) @syltrajan (lower left) @sanne_meijer (lower right)
Maryh Rougier after winning Plastic Playground
Maryh Rougier wins at the Pro Women Plastic Playground 2019! 2nd: Julia Rick, 3rd: Lisa Baloo, 4th Jamie Lopina. Courtesy Plastic Playground

Who are your sponsors?

Liquid Force, O’Neill, Unit Parktech, Totem Wake Park and Nane Art.


Check out more photos and videos of Maryh on her Instagram and Facebook pages.