Q&A With Eugenia de Armas

Learn what drives her to new heights.
Eugenia de Armas boosting over the wake
Eugenia’s sense of accomplishment motivates her to keep learning new tricks. Courtesy @elleryhunt

What drives Eugenia de Armas to master dangerous tricks that no other woman ever has? Get to know her better in this Q&A by Argentina’s first lady of wake Gaby Diaz.

Eugenia on the boat
Wakeboarding has been a way of life since she was a kid. Courtesy Eugenia de Armas

1. Why Wakeboard?

When I was five years old, my parents got a boat to go to the river, the only problem was that my sister Vicky was afraid of the water. One afternoon some friends showed up with a wakeboard, which made Vicky get in the water with no problem! That is when our love for wake began! We decided we needed some lessons. At the school we met Gonzalo Renosto, Chalo, he convinced us to enter our first contest. In the beginning we approached competitions like a family, we went to all the National contests and suddenly we were immersed in the sport. Today I am part of the Argentinean Wakeboard Team and represent my country at the Worlds, the Latin-American and Panamerican Championships

2. What do you feel when you land a new trick?

It is unexplainable! It is a raw mix of emotions: euphoria, joy, relief, sometimes I even feel like crying… It is such a great sensation that it makes you want to keep learning new tricks just to feel it again ha-ha. That sense of satisfaction is a great motivation to keep on thriving…

Eugenia wakeboarding as a kid.
Eugenia then and now. Courtesy Eugenia de Armas (left), @majosalop (right)

3. What makes you face the risk of attempting a new trick?

When I try a new trick there are many barriers I have to “break” and overcome. First there’s the physical barrier, where I am afraid of getting injured and afraid to try something, I have no idea how it is going to feel in the air… There is a lot of adrenaline, my hands sweat and my heart beats faster. Once I begin to try it and start to understand the trick, the most difficult part comes, the mental challenge. That is where I have to completely concentrate on what I am doing with my body and talk myself into believing that I am capable of landing the trick. Some are easier than others, some I can learn on the first day I try them and others can take me years to learn!

4. How has wakeboarding influenced your life?

Ufff, absolutely in everything! It has changed my perspective about who I want to be… It has changed my whole life, my friendships, my self-confidence in and out of the water, my personality… But more than anything I have learned about commitment and effort. Ever since I can remember I’ve missed my peer’s birthday parties, my friend’s, my family and because of wakeboarding, I’ve spent my birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve away from home.

But the feeling that I get when I am in the water makes it all 100% worthwhile.

Eugenia off the ramp
Eugenia has pulled off many impressive tricks. Courtesy @charlishore (left)

5. Who is behind your podium wins?

There are many to be truthful… my family (Adolfo de Armas, Laura Peirano, Vicky de Armas, Luli), my coach (Renato Buscema), my boyfriend (Miguel Menéndez) and my friends. They are the ones who inspire me to improve and stand behind me before, during and after the competition. Also my sponsors like Liquid Force (who I’ve been with for as long as I can remember), Follow, Lead Wake, Vicus Argentina, ENARD and the Argentinean sports federation.