Katinka Buiting Up Close

Pushing the limits and carving new paths.

October 27, 2021
Katinka winching for a video shoot
Katinka on a winch shoot for Space Tapes 2020 with her team Lemonade Normal. From one of these shoots, Katinka won the “Gnarliest Crash” award, where luckily she walked away nearly unscathed. Courtesy Katinka Buiting

Kat Buiting from the Netherlands, infamously won the Gnarliest Crash at last year’s Space Tapes contest. We caught up with the courageous winch star as she continues to push the limits and carve new paths.


I’m Katinka (Kat or Tink).



I’m from the Netherlands.



I’m 24


I’m studying for a master’s in corporate sustainability.

Kat Buiting winching off a ramp
Kat started wakeboarding while in University. Courtesy Katinka Buiting

Years Wakeboarding:

I started wakeboarding around 5 years ago with my student association at the University.

Now that I’ve finished University, I’m trying to spend as much time as possible on and around the cable, operating, teaching kids, and wakeboarding myself.

Kat going big off a ramp
Kat stays busy in and out of the park. Courtesy Katinka Buiting


Apart from wakeboarding I’m pretty basic I like doing other sports, love to travel around the world, and meet friends everywhere.

Kat catching some air
Fearless riding. Courtesy Katinka Buiting

Favorite food:

I’m addicted to ice cream, even if it’s freezing!

Podium at the Down Under Obstacle Jam
The Down Under Obstacle Jam: 1. @katinkabuiting, 2. @peperkampmelissa, 3. @sabrina_zistig Courtesy @slingshotbenelux

Something Nobody Knows:

I’m always covered in bruises, not even from wakeboarding, but because I’m a clumsy person who walks into stuff on a daily basis.

Winching at VWC
Throwback to when she boarded a plane to @valdostawakecompound to board on some boards. @slingshotbenelux and film with badass @wesleymarkjacobsen. Courtesy Sina Fuchs

Who is on the Spacetapes team Lemonade Normal?

The team is Sam de Haan, Liam Rundholz and Tim van Dortmund. Gino Wetzels filmed and edited together with Liam.


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