Giving Tuesday - Wakeboarding Style

These groups bring wakeboarding to others in unique ways, and all could use your help!

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday - a time where many nonprofit organizations look to generate donations in order to continue working for and championing the causes they are built around. While there are countless nonprofits and charities to choose from, should you find yourself in a giving mood, you will be surprised (and hopefully stoked) that there are more than a handful to choose from within our world of wakeboarding and watersports. Here is a list of each that we know of, along with a brief description. We'd encourage all of you who love wakeboarding and the watersports lifestyle to give to one (or more!) of these that speaks to you.

Ann’s Angels - Adaptive Waterski Foundation

Ann's Angels - Adaptive Waterski Foundation
Ann's Angels - Adaptive Waterski FoundationCourtesy Ann's Angels

Based in Winter Haven, Florida, the Ann's Angels group provides adaptive waterski and wakeboard events for children and adults living with disabilities, including military veterans. Ann's Angels' programs provide a therapeutic recreation that reduces anxiety and depression while improving well-being and quality of life for all involved.

Wake for Warriors

Wake for Warriors
Wake for WarriorsCourtesy Wake for Warriors

Wake for Warriors spreads the fun and excitement of watersports to injured military veterans. By taking wounded warriors out on the boat for a few days and providing a stress-free, fun-filled environment, Wake for Warriors helps to heal the social and psychological wounds for the service members and their families.

Ride Dry. Drive Dry.

Thigh High Surf Series event held at Lake Ronix
Back in September, Ride Dry Drive Dry were a big sponsor of the Thigh High Surf Series event held at Lake Ronix.Garrett Cortese

Ride Dry. Drive Dry. was established to educate boaters and watersports participants on the dangers of drinking and operating a boat. Through regular outreach programs and marketing, Ride Dry. Drive Dry. promotes sober boating while trying to change the mindset that alcohol is needed to have fun while on the water.


WakeWell members
WakeWell members at the annual National Conference at BSR Wake Park in Waco, Texas.Courtesy WakeWell

WakeWell is a faith-based ministry built around wakeboarding. The goal of the organization is to bridge the wake culture to God. WakeWell operates via chapters set up around the country at various cable parks. Members meet weekly during the season to ride, hang out, commune, share devotionals and more. Beyond the weekly meetings, groups operate independently and many create other fun outings and hangouts together.

Wake the World

Wake the World
Several Wake the World events bring dozens of boats together to get as many people on the water as possible.Courtesy Wake the World

Wake the World’s purpose is to bring joy to the lives of abandoned, abused and neglected children, as well as those who are handicap and wounded warriors, through boating and towed watersports. Established in 2008, Wake the World has grown to be the largest organization of its kind, with over 500 volunteered boats worldwide. Events are set up throughout the summer around the globe to provide attendees with a fun, safe day on the water.

Above the Wake

Cable4ACause event at Action Wake Park
The Cable4ACause event at Action Wake Park had a huge impact on all the kids who were able to attend.Courtesy Above the Wake

Above the wake brings positive experiences via wakeboarding and towed watersports to children with Autism and cognitive delays. This helps break down barriers - for everybody involved.