Checking in With Sam Brown

Find out what wakeboarding’s rising star has been up to.
Sam Brown boosting over the wake
Sam has notched multiple wins. Courtesy Sam Brown

At the start of the season, Sam Brown, the youngster from Australia who once won the rookie of the year award, had his first big Pro Tour Stop win.

Coming of age, he continued to improve and rise through the ranks becoming a podium regular. Earning top honors at the PWT, taking the big win at the PWT Supra Boats Team Challenge with team Liquid Force and winning an impressive third place at Parks Bonifay’s epic Red Bull Double or Nothing contest. Here’s what Sam is up to!

How long have you been riding and how did you get into the sport?

I’ve been wakeboarding for about 13 years now, I got into wakeboarding at the age of 6, my parents used to waterski so it pretty much started from there.


Who inspires you?

I think Massipiffa inspired me the most in wakeboarding.

The la familia co
La familia bros Sam, Luka Kidd, Tyler Higham and Massi Piffaretti. Courtesy Sam Brown

What is La familia?

I would say la familia is just the start of something that is already currently happening, we just a group of friends riding and making a couple memories I guess.

Sam Brown heading out to ride
Sam is sponsored by Follow Wake, Liquid Force and Supra Boats. He rides his 2021 Pro Model “Unity” by Liquid Force. Courtesy Sam Brown

What are your plans for next year?

My plans for the next year, I’m going to Costa Rica for 2 weeks then to Argentina for a month and back to Australia for the summer.