Wakesurfing Gear for Kids

If your little ones are ready to surf the endless waves, check out some of these products.

Want to get your kiddos wakesurfing this year? Check out some of these must-haves to make summer a lot more fun.

Ronix Super Sonic Fish/Surf wakesurf board
Ronix Super Sonic Fish/Surf (Girls) Courtesy Ronix

Based off Ronix’s most popular adult fish shape, the Super Sonic provides a combo of stability and maneuverability for kids to learn to get up, and then progress to riding without the rope, carving and more. Also available in blue for those groms who don’t abide by “pink is punk.”

MSRP: $330


Liquid Force Gromi wakesurf board
Liquid Force Gromi Courtesy Liquid Force

A skim-style board for the little ripper(s) in your family/crew, the Gromi features a beveled edge for catch-free riding, which helps with control and boosts confidence. The single concave flows into a slotted tail for smooth gliding on any wave.

MSRP: $250


Follow Kid’s CGA life jacket
Follow Kid’s CGA Vest Courtesy Follow Wake

Take the comfort and safety of a Coast Guard-approved life jacket and add some quality Follow touches, and you’ve got this PFD for the pint-size riders in your boat. Sizes available up to 88 pounds.

MSRP: $50


Proline Tug Surf Rope
Proline Tug Surf Rope Courtesy Connelly

The Tug is a 30-foot-10-inch rope that ­features color-­coordinated covers that help provide more grippable areas for new riders. The color sections help beginners find the wave’s sweet spot easier.

MSRP: $120