The 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Check out all the best holiday gifts for the wake-fanatics in your life.
2020 Wakeboarding Holiday Gift Guide
The GoPro HERO9 Black, Zeus Mini, and El Grande extension pole are must-haves this holiday season. Garrett Cortese

Are you shopping for the special wake-loving someone this holiday season? Need ideas? We’re here to help. There are tons of great deals to be had on everything from a new board setup to some fresh shades to even a whole new boat! Scroll through here and see what might make a great gift, or stocking stuffer for the wakeboarder / wakeskater / wakesurfer / watersports fiend in your life.

Gifts to Ride

Liquid Force

Butterstick Pro

Liquid Force Butterstick board
Liquid Force Butterstick Pro Courtesy Liquid Force

MSRP: $479.99


Sizes: 140, 144, 148, 152

Felix Georgii’s pro model is an all-around park, rail and urban shredder. Just watch Felix ride, you’ll see what we mean. If you’ve got a wakeboarder in your house that’s looking to take his or her riding to the next level next season, give the gift that’s super flexy, super fun, and built to take a beating.


Liquid Force Quest wakesurfer
Liquid Force Quest Courtesy Liquid Force

MSRP: $949.99

Sizes: 4′3″, 4′7″, 4′11″

Got a wakesurf fanatic in your life that needs the best of the best? The Quest is LF’s high-end competition-level twin-fin shape featuring an ultra-lightweight EPS core with a carbon innegra laminate. It’s crips rails allow the board to track exactly how you want it, especially when you’re coming down from some lofty airs. The fins are mounted a bit further forward, allowing for easier releases when doing shuvs and spins.


Foamie Fish

Liquid Force Foamie
Liquid Force Foamie Fish Courtesy Liquid Force

MSRP: $399.99

Size: 4′8″


Want to get into the fun of wakesurfing at a lower cost point? Maybe you’re worried about dinging up a brand new board (or your shins)? Then you need to check out Liquid Force’s Foamie line of boards – they’re the perfect gift to add to your boat for next summer. With a durable PVC bottom and soft EVA deck on top, the Foamie can take a beating while providing anybody riding it with endless smiles and tons of fun.


RXT Blackout

Ronix RXT Blackout wakeboard
Ronix RXT Blackout Courtesy Ronix

MSRP: $799.99

Sizes: 136, 140, 144, 148

What better gift for the wakeboarder in your family than the board ridden by none other than Massi Piffaretti? This is the board that Ronix keeps top secret because it’s one of the lightest, most responsive out there, and we’ve all seen what Massi can do with it.

Volcom Sea Captain

Volcom Sea Captain wakesurf board
Volcom Sea Captain Courtesy Ronix

MSRP: $649.99

Sizes: 4′4″, 4′10″

Ronix teamed up with one of the coolest brands around, Volcom, and created this piece of wakesurfing magic. The Sea Captain features a narrower outline, allowing it to sit deeper in the water. That means the surfer lucky enough to ride it can lock into turns like never before while still feeling connected to the water.

Forester Capela CGA Jacket

Forester Capela CGA life jacket
Forester Capela CGA Jacket Courtesy Ronix

MSRP: $169.99

Give the gift of safety and high-performance for the wakeboarder in your life this holiday season. The Forester Capela is CGA approved, so it works, it looks good, which is important, and it’s got tons of comfort and maneuverability, which means it won’t hamper your recipient’s undoubtedly epic progression. Score!



Slingshot Solo wakeboard
Slingshot Solo Courtesy Slingshot

MSRP: $549

Sizes: 138, 142, 146, 150

The board of choice of one of the most versatile pros in the game, Dylan Miller, the Solo is Slingshot’s do-anything board. Catch air behind the boat, then shred laps at your local park and finish it off with a winch mission through the streets. The Flex Tips keep it playful for pressing and sliding, while added stiffness in the belly and small channels in the base provide added pop and grip behind the boat.


Slingshot Gremlin wakesurfer
Slingshot Gremlin Courtesy Slingshot

MSRP: $775

Sizes: 4′6″, 4′10″

Take everything the team at Slingshot knows about surf style boards (which is a lot) and mash it into one creation. That’s the Gremlin. Designed to be ridden behind today’s modern wakesurf boats, the Gremlin is lightweight, agile, poppy and 100% performance oriented.

Space Mob Boots

Slingshot Space Mob Boots
Slingshot Space Mob Boots Courtesy Slingshot

MSRP: $499

Back and better than ever, the Space Mob boots aren’t only some of the coolest looking pieces of footwear out there, they’re also some of the most versatile. With Slingshot’s patented gummy strap enclosure, you’re guaranteed the fit you want. A removable tongue liner allows you to customize the stiffness and flex, as well. Ridden by Space Mob alien lovers worldwide (and probably out of this world, too).



Hyperlite Blacklist wakeboard
Hyperlite Blacklist Courtesy Hyperlite

MSRP: $549.99

Sizes: 149, 152

Graeme Burress’ comeback to the top levels of wakeboarding is a story for the ages, and it only continues in 2021 with the release of his pro model, the Blacklist. This board is an update to the Wishbone shape that Graeme rode the last couple years. It’s narrower, for quicker edge-to-edge response, and features a continuous rocker line for a faster feel. Of course, because it’s Graeme’s design, it’s built to take a beating.


Hyperlite Aries wakeboard
Hyperlite Aries Courtesy Hyperlite

MSRP: $499.99

Sizes: 142, 146

Lisa Baloo is at the top of the game in women’s wakeboarding, and she’s got a new pro model to prove it. This is the softest/flexiest board in the Hyperlite lineup, which means it’s a lot of fun all over the park. The continuous rocker keeps it quick while the Woodlite construction offers strength through the middle.


Hyperlite UTE wakesurfer
Hyperlite UTE Courtesy Hyperlite

MSRP: $649.99

Sizes: 4′5″, 5′

Designed to be a do-it-all surf machine, the UTE is equipped for not just surfing endless waves, but for foiling them as well. The base can take a variety of wake foil setups (foil not included), while up top is an option to add foot straps. So whether you want to go classic wakesurf, strapped in wakesurfing, or do some wake-foiling, the UTE is capable of doing it all.


AK Wakesurf Board

Connelly AK Wakesurf Board
Connelly AK Wakesurf Board Courtesy Connelly

MSRP: $799.99

Sizes: 4′6″ (pink), 4′10″ (blue)

Want to rip like the current (and 5-time) World Wakesurfing Champ Ashley Kidd? The AK is for you. Known for her hard-charging, epic-slayshing, big-air style, Ashley demands a board that can give her the speed, consistency, control and hangtime she needs. This board is the narrowest in the Connelly line, which means increased maneuverability, while the tip-to-tail concave and added tail rocker help deliver additional response.


Connelly Steel wakeboard
Connelly Steel Courtesy Connelly

MSRP: $399.99

Sizes: 136, 141

While Steel Lafferty is known for his fun antics, on and off the water, he still charges bigger than most of his fellow pros. His signature Connelly board features a subtle 3-stage rocker for that added boost off the wake (or double up), while a full spine through the middle helps soften landings.


D.Z. – Dary Znebel

O'Brien D.Z. - Dary Znebel wakeboard
O’Brien D.Z. – Dary Znebel Courtesy O’Brien

MSRP: $499.99

Sizes: 148, 152, 156

Dary Znebel’s signature version of O’Brien’s acclaimed S.O.B. board features a thinner, all-wood core for even more playfulness and performance in the park. It’s also the largest board in the O’Brien line, for those park riders who prefer more surface area under their feet. If you’ve seen Dary ride (and no doubt you have), you know what this board is capable of.


O'Brien Forte wakesurfer
O’Brien Forte Courtesy O’Brien

MSRP: $549.99

Sizes: 51″, 56″

A skim style board designed in collaboration with the Great PNW wakesurf crew, the Forte features a modified fin setup for even more customization. There is added width in the tip and tail for more stability, as well, but still plenty of speed and maneuverability for landing all your tricks.

More Rad Gifts

GoPro Goodies

2020 Wakeboarding Holiday Gift Guide
The GoPro HERO9 Black, Zeus Mini, and El Grande extension pole are must-haves this holiday season. Garrett Cortese

HERO9 Black camera

MSRP: $349.98 (w/ 1-year subscription to GoPro)

GoPro HERO9 Black camera
GoPro HERO9 Black Garrett Cortese

The best action camera has gotten even better. Now you can shoot all your action on the water in stunning 5K resolution videos or 20MP pro-quality photos. Thanks to Hypersmooth 3.0, which features in-camera horizon leveling, your shots will be more fluid and less shaky. You can add to the smooth factor (and the slow-mo capabilities) by shooting up to 240 frames per second. A new Max Lens Mod adds more stabilization and the widest-angle perspective yet. And for the Vloggers out there (or just for when you need to make sure you’re framing yourself up right for a shot, there is a new front-mounted screen so you can see what you’re shooting when the camera is pointed at you.

El Grande – 38-inch extension pole

MSRP: $59.99

El Grande - 38-inch extension pole
GoPro El Grande Courtesy GoPro

This waterproof extension pole can grow up to 38 inches, great for when you’re riding doubles and need to get the GoPro up close and personal for those extra rad shots.

Zeus Mini – swivel clip light

MSRP: $49.99

Zeus Mini - swivel clip light
GoPro Zeus Mini Garrett Cortese

Whether you use it to light a subject or as a flashlight-esque tool, the Zeus Mini is one of the most versatile little gadgets out there, and makes a great stocking stuffer. Featuring a compact design, the LED Zeus, with a rechargeable battery that can run for up to 6 hours, can clip to your hat, backpack strap, or anything else for convenient, hands-free use. It also has a magnet, so it holds against metal, most appliances and anything under the hood. With four levels of brightness, up to 200 lumens, it’s got plenty of power and coverage for its size.

Pit Viper – Presents for Rad Eyeballs

Grand Prix – The Reno

MSRP: $49

Grand Prix - The Reno sunglasses
Pit Viper Grand Prix – The Reno Garrett Cortese

Pit Viper makes outrageous shades, which is totally awesome. Don’t act like you don’t know somebody who would love to rock these gold and black bad boys. And don’t act like you don’t want to buy them for yourself either. When you rock these you’re not only going to look good, but you get full UV protection, as well as some extra shade from the removable side pieces.

The Night Fall – Polarized

MSRP: $99

The Night Fall - Polarized sunglasses
Pit Viper The Night Fall – Polarized Garrett Cortese

Not Purple People Eaters, just better.

The 2000s – 1993

MSRP: $119

The 2000s - 1993 sunglasses
Pit Viper The 2000s – 1993 Garrett Cortese

Neon is rad. Wraparound shades are rad. Adjustable arms are rad. Put them together and you have the 1993s from Pit Viper. Perfect for the boat. Or any other event in your life. They work especially well with mustaches and tank tops.


Yeti Roadie cooler and Camino bag
The Yeti Roadie cooler and Camino bag are great holiday gifts. Garrett Cortese

Roadie 24 Cooler

MSRP: $199.99

This lightweight hard cooler is easy to carry and fits plenty of drinks and food to keep everything cold. The size makes it easy to transport and store on a boat, or take it to a cable park (where allowed) – it’s slim enough to fit behind the driver’s seat of a car.

Camino Carryall 35

MSRP: $149.99

Are you tired of replacing your bags year after year because they can’t take a beating? Look no further than the Yet Camino. It’s built tough, made to be tossed around, and won’t break down. Plus, it holds all the essentials you need for a day on the water: towels, change of clothes, water bottles, sandals, keys, the kitchen sink… you get the idea.

Costa Sunglasses – Style All Around


MSRP: $249

Costa Sullivan sunglasses
Costa Sullivan Garrett Cortese

Sunglasses make great gifts for the waterman or waterwoman in your life, and Costa makes some of the best out there. With their signature 580G Polarized Glass lenses, the Sullivan shades offer tons of protection and a killer viewing experience. These laid-back frames, with a classic silhouette, are great for life out on the boat or around town.


MSRP: $249

Costa Tybee sunglasses
Costa Tybee Garrett Cortese

The Tybee sunglasses can be had in a variety of color options, for both the frames and the lenses, but we dig the clear look combined with the blue polarized glass seen here. The Tybee are a bit more squared off and lower profile than the Sullivan, but still provide the performance Costa is famous for.

Uncharted Supply Co. – Gifts for the Prepared (or not-so-prepared)

The Zeus

MSRP: $150

The Zeus battery jump
Uncharted Supply Co. The Zeus Garrett Cortese

This portable jump-starter and USB charger is a must-have for the boat owner, camper, traveler in your family, and it makes an awesome gift. With 20,000 mAh, the jumper boasts enough power to jump your boat multiple times (you know, for when the kids leave the stereo on at night…). The Zeus also has enough juice to charge your iPhone from zero to 100% at least 10 times. The flashlight is an added convenience, great for emergency situations in the dark or as a backup light source. The kit comes with charging cables for 12-volt outlets, so you can recharge the Zeus from your car or boat as needed.

First Aid Pro

MSRP: $60

First Aid Pro first aid kit
Uncharted Supply Co. First Aid Pro Garrett Cortese

You never know when you might need a first aid kit, which is why it’s always important to keep one in your car, boat, or anywhere else. Uncharted Supply Co’s First Aid Pro kit is easy to fit anywhere and full of everything you might need in case of emergency (or just that pesky sliver from the marina’s old boat dock). Give the gift of preparedness and feel good about yourself – heck, you might save a life!This kit includes the following:

  • 20 x Adhesive dressings, sterile, individually wrapped
  • Bandage shears, stainless steel
  • Cotton gauze swabs, (3 in pack), sterile, 7.5cm x 7.5cm
  • CPR Card
  • First Aid Booklet
  • Hypo allergenic adhesive tape, 25mm wide roll
  • 2 x Nitrile gloves (1 pair in CPR KIT)
  • Note pad (located at the back of the First Aid Booklet) & pencil
  • 1 x SMART Bandage, heavy duty, 10cm x 2m
  • 1 x Emergency Blanket
  • Resuscitation face mask, disposable, incl 1 pair gloves & 1 skin cleaning wipe (in CPR KIT)
  • 1 x Saline, sterile, 30ml
  • 2 x Safety Pins
  • 4 x Skin cleaning wipes, with cetrimide (1 with CPR KIT)
  • Splinter probes, (5 per pack), sterile
  • Triangular bandage, 96cm x 96cm x 136cm
  • Tweezers, rust resistant with tip guard, stainless steel
  • Wound closures (3 per pack), sterile

Liquid Force – Captain Scallywag & Boater Safety Vests

MSRP: $64.99 (boater safety 4-pack) & $89.99 (Captain Scallywag 4-pack)

Liquid Force - Captain Scallywag & Boater Safety Vests
Liquid Force – Captain Scallywag & Boater Safety Vests Garrett Cortese

These vests do what they’re meant to do: keep you floating in case of an emergency. Or provide everybody else onboard with some laughs when you wakesurf, tube, shred, etc. with them. Every boat needs these, but those orange CGA vests are so boring, right? Give the gift that keeps the people on your boat safe while promoting one of the coolest brands in the game – Liquid Force.