Sound Advice: Choosing an Amp & Subwoofer for Big Sound

If you’re not hearing what you’d like to be hearing, chances are you don’t have the right amp or subwoofer. Here’s what to consider.

In this new video series presented by KICKER Marine Audio, Randy Vance offers sound advice on what to look for when upgrading the audio systems on your boat.

Now that we’ve covered upgrading your boat’s head unit and installing new speakers, how do you make sure you get that big sound you’re looking for? In this third installment of Sound Advice, Randy walks through what you need to look for in order to pump real sound through your boat’s speakers.

KICKER® KXMA five-channel marine amp
The KICKER® KXMA five-channel marine amp delivers power and performance with a full-system solution in a single, powerful amplifier. Randy Vance

Randy uses the KICKER Marine Audio KXMA900.5 five-channel marine amp, the KMA800.1 mono KM-Series marine amplifier and the KMPK4 Amplifier Wiring Kit for demonstration. Check out KICKER’s website to learn more and start shopping:

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