Centurion Ri230

The Ri230 is loaded with features and throws an amazing wake.
Centurion Ri230 running fast
The Ri230 ­offers comfortable and customizable seating throughout. Garrett Cortese

Centurion’s Ri230 delivers world-class wakes while endowing prestige, stunning style and class-leading luxury. One key to Centurion’s success is the Ri230’s Opti-V Hull Design, with its deep-V, 20-degree transom deadrise. The deepest in the industry, it helps boost wave and wake size while smoothing rough water. The optimized rear corner lifting pads and increased hook help the boat run level and efficiently through the water. Feature-laden, the Ri230 deserves your attention. Scroll down for more.

Ri230 tower
The SewLong Bimini top is easily deployed with the Roswell Drop Zone tower. Garrett Cortese


The Ri230 carries a hefty 5,400 pounds of ballast and posts a dry weight of 5,500 pounds. It’s trailerable at 8 feet, 6 inches wide and measures an even 23 feet in length. Rated for 14 people, it carries 81 gallons of fuel and can be powered by GM Marine engines up to 500 hp and 500 foot-pounds of torque.

Price:$242,181 (as tested)
Dry Weight:5,500 lb.
Ballast:5,400 lb.
Seat/Weight Capacity:14/2,100 lb.
Fuel Capacity:81 gal.
Ri230 helm
All settings are easily controlled and customized from the Revo side-by-side 12-inch touchscreens. Garrett Cortese


Control of the technological tour de force that is the Centurion Ri230 is made easy by the Touch Revo side-by-side 12-by-12-inch HD dash system. Exclusive to the Ri Series, this system provides control of it all.

Ri230 performance data
Centurion Ri230 Certified Test Results Boating Magazine

Performance Data

At wakesurfing speed, Centurion Ri230 is a fuel miser burning just 6.7 gph. It’s also quiet, posting a hushed 74 decibels, and furthermore delivers surf waves while running at only 4 degrees of bowrise.


It’s common for top-line boats to feature a standard tower, but there’s nothing common about the DropZone Auto Tower by Roswell that comes with the Centurion Ri230. Crafted by Roswell, it rises at your touch courtesy of floating linear actuators. Surfside tow points and branded hangers—and it complements those racy Centurion Ri lines.