Slingshot Wakefoiler

The ALL-NEW Wakefoiler from Slingshot opens the doors to new possibilities and endless amounts of fun behind the boat. Rise above the conditions and instantly turn any body of water into a sheet of glass. Whether it’s back country powder runs, early morning glassy sessions, or surfing through the clouds that you’re dreaming of, the Wakefoiler is a whole new sensation you simply have to try.


At the recent 2016 Surf Expo, Slingshot Sports unveiled an exciting new addition to their wake lineup: The modern “Wakefoiler”…

This new breed of behind-the-boat toy offers riders an entirely new sensation and challenge on the water. One of the best parts of the Wakefoiler is that you can ride it behind just about anything, from a PWC to a pontoon, to a crusty old fishing boat. All you need is a few feet (depth) of water and a craft capable of speeds ranging from about 10-14 mph.


The Wakefoiler gives riders the sensation of riding on perfectly glassy water, regardless of the real-world conditions. Riders have described the feeling as similar to a backcountry powder run, or surfing in the clouds. The Wakefoiler is the ultimate toy for a mid-day session, when the wind picks up and chop ruins conditions for regular wakeboarding.

As the product makes its way to retailers around the world, Slingshot is now in the process of developing their “Flight School Academy” – an online resource to help make the learning process safer and easier.

For now, sit back and enjoy this sneak peak and the capabilities of the ALL NEW Slingshot Wakefoiler.


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