Sessions - Wakeskating the Iconic Battle Falls

Reed Hansen & Josh Zentmeyer head back to the iconic spot for some fun

Back in 2012 wakeskater Reed Hansen created what has become one of the most iconic private riding spots in the sport: Battle Falls. The two-pool setup, with a unique waterfall ramp connecting the top to the bottom, has provided for some of the most iconic and progressive wakeskating in the world. Over the last couple years, Battle Falls doesn't get used as much, but every so often Reed heads back with some friends for a little fun. This past weekend that included Josh Zentmeyer, and photographer Bryan Soderlind came out to capture it with his camera. With that, we present you with the latest Sessions gallery.

Palm trees and Reed boosting giant kickflips - two signature elements to Battle Falls photos.Bryan Soderlind
Birds-eye view.Bryan Soderlind
Josh Zentmeyer making his way up to the top pool.Bryan Soderlind
Takeoff.Bryan Soderlind
Josh Zentmeyer, kickflipping.Bryan Soderlind
Reed Hansen, backside 360 down the stairs.Bryan Soderlind
Zentmeyer knows how to boost at Battle Falls, too.Bryan Soderlind
Reed, sending it.Bryan Soderlind
These two have made this walk more than a few times over the years.Bryan Soderlind
Veteran move by the man who made the park.Bryan Soderlind
Shadow play... until next time.Bryan Soderlind

If you want a look into how Battle Falls came to be, along with highlights from the first Wakeskate Tour stop there in 2012, check out this video.