Sessions - Summer Shredding

A jam-packed gallery of wakeboarding goodness

Check out the latest Sessions gallery, featuring some of the best riders and photographers out there. Whether it's out on the Dirty Delta with the incomparable Josh Twelker, or young Aussie Sam Brown connecting with longtime wake photographer Chris Garrison, we've got you covered with this latest gallery.

Shota Tezuka

Backyard tweaking courtesy of Shota Tezuka.Chris Garrison
Making the simple look awesome: Tyler Higham's tail grab.Garrett Cortese
Dad life for Derek Cook is different than most dads. Double ups are still served and blasted off of regularly.Bryan Soderlind
Shane Bonifay getting back to his roots - and his backyard's roots - in the Clear Lake rail park.Bradlee Rutledge
Don't tempt Tony Carroll with some glassy water and a GoPro in his grill, he'll shred every time.Garrett Cortese

Sam Brown

At just 16, Sam Brown is already comfortable in front of the spotlight.Chris Garrison
Jake Pelot is often called "Old Reliable." We just wish we could rely on the ability to regularly tweak a stalefish grab like this.Garrett Cortese
Safety is always first with Jamie Lopina. That, and style. Seatbelt grab, done right.Bryan Soderlind
Another Delta daze with resident style guru Josh Twelker.Garrett Cortese