Sessions - Felix Georgii's Creative Wake Vision

With a winch and a lot of creativity, Felix Georgii makes wakeboarding look different than every other rider

For several years in the realms of pro wakeboarding, one rider has stood out amongst his peers (and to his peers) for a truly unique vision of the sport and style within it. That rider is Felix Georgii, who, has an uncanny ability to not only find unique spots to ride, but then find the most mind-blowing lines and ways to hit those spots. In no place is that ability more evident than Georgii's winning X-Games Real Wake in 2017 and taking silver in 2018.

Throughout much of the filming for his 2018 section, which included some park riding and winching, photographer Marco Freudenreich was there to document the unique locations, and Felix's unique riding within them. This creativity is what makes up this edition of Sessions.

Wakeboarding spillway
Small spillway with a staircase - and a bridge for onlookers - how about a little firecracker action?Marco Freudenreich
Wakeboarding winch spot
That's the smile of a winch spot lining up for some good video clips.Marco Freudenreich
Hitting a rail
"Let's go up this rail..."Marco Freudenreich
Wakeboarding below power lines
Power lines and power moves in the park.Marco Freudenreich
Wakeboarding historical spots
New moves in an ancient spot.Marco Freudenreich
Wakeboarding bridges
Yes, Felix sawed off the tail of his board for this spot and trick.Marco Freudenreich
Celebrating wakeboarding tricks
A little celebrating with filmmaker and teammate Steffen Vollert.Marco Freudenreich
Wakeboarding creativity
If there is rideable water, Felix will find multiple ways to ride it.Marco Freudenreich
Wakeboarding quarter pipes
Quarter pipes are still a thing in wake, and that's good because Felix can hit them really well.Marco Freudenreich
Real Wake missions
Keepsakes of the Real Wake missions.Marco Freudenreich