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Sea-Doo SPARK Makes PWC Ownership a Reality with Affordable Price, Ease of Ownership and Exceptional Fuel Economy

Sea-Doo SPARK models come in 3 different colors and in 2 and 3-passenger.Sea-Doo

With the most affordable retail price in the industry, Sea-Doo SPARK continues to make the dream of owning and enjoying a personal watercraft a reality, one not reserved for some distant future but attainable right now. In doing so, Sea-Doo refused to compromise. Rather than look to existing models, stripping features or inserting aging horsepower, the company elected to build the SPARK model from the ground up, combining modern technology with a playful ride often missing in the current market. The result is a craft that is fun, fresh and a compelling value, whether you’re looking to buy your first PWC or just considering adding another craft to an existing fleet.

Sea-Doo SPARK 3-up.Sea-Doo

With an eye on horsepower-to-weight ratio, the design and engineering teams worked hand-in-hand to pioneer the use of innovative construction materials and technologies when creating the SPARK model. Polytec, a scratch and impact-resistant composite of polypropylene and long-strand glass fibers replaced traditional fiberglass construction, allowing the SPARK to weigh in at 150 pounds lighter than any competitive model on the market. That light weight then allowed Sea-Doo to take advantage of a lighter, more compact, fuel-efficient engine to deliver a fun, exhilarating ride, whether a consumer chooses a SPARK in its two-passenger or three-passenger versions.

Upgrade to a SPARK TRIXX and discover a whole new way to play on the waterSea-Doo

The low purchase price of the Sea-Doo SPARK is just the beginning of the savings consumers will enjoy. Innovative and eye-catching, the attractive candy-colored SPARK models also prove to be the simplest and least expensive PWC to own and maintain. Their compact size makes them easy to stow in the tightest garage or driveway. The Spark’s ultralight weight also doesn’t require a truck or SUV to tow the craft to and from the water. In fact, virtually any automobile can handle the task. Routine maintenance is distilled down to the absolute basics. Access ports are provided for the oil fill, dipstick and battery. Closed-loop cooling prevents salt water or other contaminants and debris from ever entering the engine. The tough PolyTec hull and deck also resist scratching, prove exceptionally durable and require minimal care to keep looking clean and new.

And then there's the legendary fuel economy of the SPARK. In average use, the base Rotax 900 ACE engine consumes less than two gallons of fuel per hour, and the more powerful Rotax 900 HO ACE less than two and a half gallons per hour. Those totals further lower the long-term cost of ownership of a SPARK — and bring the dream of owning a PWC well within reach.