Scarab 255 HOI Wake Edition

For 2017, Scarab has released the all-new Wake Edition of its popular 255 HOI. With wake- and surf-specific features, this boat is a standout in the jet-drive class and is gaining traction for its newly developed wakesurfing capabilities.

Scarab 255 HOI Wake EditionCourtesy Scarab

With little experience wakesurfing ­behind a jet-propelled boat, we didn’t know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised by how well it actually performed. After a little tweaking, we got the wave dialed. We set the speed to 10.2 miles per hour, and with the stock ballast filled and four people on board, the wave was solid.

Scarab has specifically designed a removable panel for the 255 HOI Wake Edition called the Surf Stream Wake Enhancement System, and it’s to thank for this boat’s impressive wakesurfing potential. The ingenious Surf Stream panel is positioned on the wakesurfing side of the transom, and it redirects the jet propulsion to create that endless surf wave that we’ve all come to love.

Scarab 255 HOI Wake EditionCourtesy Scarab


With a tower, a transom tow point, cruise control, and the Surf Stream Wake Enhancement System — not to mention more than 1,100 pounds of available ­ballast — the Scarab 255 HOI Wake Edition is ready to satisfy any ­watersports enthusiast.

Scarab 255 HOI Wake EditionRandy Vance
Length 25’
Beam 100”
Fuel Capacity 56 gal.
Seating Capacity 13 people
Dry Weight 3,660 lb.