Best Cable Park Wakeboards

Park riding is typically accompanied by slower speeds and higher tow points, which can strain your upper body after a long day. To counteract these factors, board builders have been altering the design of park boards over the years with catch-free, minimalistic bottom features and less rocker — which translates to less drag and more glide speed, allowing you to ride around the park without wearing yourself out as ­quickly. So do yourself a favor and take one of these fresh new park boards in our Roundup home for the season. Happy shopping!

2016 Slingshot wakeboards

Slingshot Windsor

The quintessential park board Slingshot

James Windsor’s pro model, the Slingshot Windsor is the quintessential park board. It features medium flex in the belly, softer flex in the tips, a bullet­proof yet lightweight construction with Slingshot’s G10 Fortified Fastrack, a three-stage rocker, and dual tip and tail channels to aid traction when finless while remaining catch-free on obstacles. This thing was designed to excel in literally every aspect of park riding. What more could you ask for?

Sizes: 137 cm, 141 cm, 145 cm | MSRP: $549

2016 Byerly wakeboards

Byerly Buck Flex

A flexy alternative that you can ride at the park. Byerly Buck Flex

Like how the Buck rides behind the boat? Well, so did the rest of the Byerly team — so much so that they created a flexy alternative that you can ride at the park. The Buck Flex features a strategic flex pattern, a continuous rocker, a double lap construction with layered biaxial glass, and a full-perimeter CoEx fiberglass sidewall to keep it flexible and durable for a lively ride all season long.

Sizes: 54.5 in., 56.5 in. | MSRP: $490

2016 CWB wakeboards

CWB Woodro

Slick and durable base material. CWB

The CWB Woodro is not one to miss, with features like a 100 percent Paulownia wood core, ABS sidewalls, a slick and durable base material, a triaxial layup, a continuous rocker, dual independent edge channels for extra feature-friendly grip when finless, and a wide tip and tail for extra push on your ollies and a stabler platform for presses.


Sizes: 140 cm, 146 cm | MSRP: $480

2016 Humanoid wakeboards

Humanoid Langfield Pro

Unique rail-friendly features. Humanoid

Mitch Langfield’s pro model boasts some unique rail-friendly features. The base material is die-cut and completely featureless, like a snowboard, with an all-wood core and sculpted sidewalls in the belly that slim down to an impressively thin and responsive tip and tail. This causes the flex pattern to be strategically stiffer in the belly and softer in the tip and tail.

Sizes: 141 cm, 144 cm | MSRP: $380

2016 OBrien wakeboards

O’Brien Breddas

A fun feeling underfoot. O’Brien

Pro model to the Hoppe brothers, Benjamin, Mattias and Jeremiah, the O’Brien Breddas is a park lover’s dream. It features a thinned-out tip and tail, an all-wood core, durable sidewalls and a five-stage rocker. It’s the ­rocker that really sets this board apart. There are two subtle flat spots directly underneath your feet to help you rock up into a press, giving the board a fun feeling underfoot while on obstacles.

Sizes: 133 cm, 138 cm, 143 cm | MSRP: $640

2016 Ronix wakeboards

Ronix Kinetic Project – Intelligent Park 2.0

High-tech core material keeps it light and lively underfoot. Ronix

Ronix’s new and improved Kinetic Project is pro model to Dominik Hernler, and if you’ve ever seen Dom ride this board, or seen the countless others on the Ronix team who ride it, you’ll know what this board has to offer. The Kinetic Project features an increased rocker, a strategic flex pattern, speedwalls, a slightly dished-up tip and tail, edge channels, and a lightweight, high-tech core material to keep it light and lively underfoot.


Sizes: Small, Standard | MSRP: $610

2016 Slingshot wakeboards

Slingshot Shredtown

Low rocker decreases drag. Slingshot

If you’re the type of rider who likes to venture outside the park from time to time, take a closer look at the Slingshot Shredtown. This board is built with less rocker, a soft flex pattern, and a durable construction to take some serious abuse ­even on surfaces like concrete. The low rocker decreases drag, which helps you get up to speed ­quickly when winching, no matter how short your runway might be.

Sizes: 135 cm, 139 cm, 143 cm | MSRP: $449