Roswell Introduces R1 Pro Tower Speakers

The all-new speakers feature the first ever light-permeable housing for an unbelievable audio-visual combo

Are you ready for a sensory overload with your boat’s sound system? Roswell is delivering it with the just announced R1 Pro series of tower speakers. Not only will your ears be engulfed in perfectly balanced acoustics, but your eyes will be treated to a light show unlike any other in the mobile audio world. Featuring the industry’s first color-changing LED light permeable speaker housing, the R1 Pro allows you to customize your combination of light and sound like never before.

R1 Pro speakers
The R1 Pro speakers on the Roswell edition Nautique G23. Courtesy Roswell
Cory Teunissen with green speakers
Cory Teunissen likes it green… Courtesy Roswell
Roswell's R1 Pro speaker
The R1 Pro from Roswell features the industry’s first light permeable speaker housing. Courtesy Roswell

For more information, head over to the R1 Pro page at Roswell’s site!