Pros Learn a New Trick - Guenther Oka

Guenther goes for a switch wrapped toe back 5

Guenther Oka has become one of the best all around wakeboarders in the world, and for good reason: he can ride like nobody else, whether it's behind the boat, at a park, or with a winch. Plus, his riding is a mix of tech, style, and a signature creativity that's all his own. For this installment of Pros Learn a New Trick, the Ohio native looks to add a switch wrapped toeside backside 540 to his repertoire... with a nose grab. Leave it to Guenther to go and blow the whole "learn a new trick" thing out the door, too. Just watch and see how he manages to accomplish this. It goes to show that the best in the world really are the best in the world for a reason... but it doesn't hurt to have a little luck too (watch that handle pass).