2018 Pro Wakeboard Tour Stop #2 - Winning Run

Nic Rapa takes the top spot with an incredible 99.5 score

The second stop of the Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour in Acworth was one for the ages yesterday. If you missed it in person or over the livestream feed, you missed out on some of the most intense drama and tight scoring in the history of the PWT. For the finals, Nic Rapa qualified in the top spot and was last off the dock. Just before him was Cory Teunissen, who threw down a gauntlet with two double inverts and a stomped 1080. Most assumed Cory had it in the bag, but he left a little window open. Nic took that opening and put everything he had on the line out on Lake Allatoona. Everything was big and grabbed, and most were extra big, including a mute mobe 5, indy moby dick, and giant indy backside 7 to close out his run. In the end the judges awarded him with a 99.5, a half point higher than Teunissen. You can watch Nic's incredible run here.

Australian Nic Rapa had to perform flawlessly to beat out the scores thrown down by his fellow countrymen Tony Iacconi and Cory Teunissen.WBM

With this victory and his second place finish from Arizona, Nic has a solid lead for the overall PWT title. You can re-watch his Arizona run here.