Pro Playlist w/ Christian Primrose

Hanging out with Christian Primrose is kind of like attending your own personal rave. He plays Electric Dance Music (EDM) throughout his day and has even been known to get in the DJ booth himself. Christian’s taste in music reflects a lot of his personality: fast, upbeat, and a good time. Christian is usually the guy that can get the crew pumped. If you need the mood of your crew to get turned up and excited for whatever is ahead, Christian knows just the song to play next.

Christian Primrose WBM

Three songs you listen to before you ride at a contest:
1. “Talk” – Party Favor
2. “Sleepyhead” (Jauz Remix) – Pasion Pit
3. And tons more trap to get warmed up!

Three songs you would want to make an edit to:
1. “Silence” – Marshmello
2. “Stay Forever” – Ookay
3. “Paris 96” – Malaa


Three songs to listen to while snowboarding:
1. “Hypnotize” – The Notorious B.I.G.
2. “It Was a Good Day” – Ice Cube
3. “Still” – Dre.

Three DJs you would want to spin with if you ever got the chance:
2. Marshmello
3. Slushi
They’re my fave DJs.

Three favorite songs (at the moment) to play while DJing:
1. “Thief” (Zerb Remix) – Ookay,
2. “Technical” – Dombresky,
3. “Tchami” – SIAW
After I play those I would go to something heavier during that set or mix it up with some hip-hop!


Three favorite (non EDM) bands or musicians at the moment:
1. Eric Church
2. French Montana
3. And always, Blink-182!

Three songs to listen to while being stuck at the airport:
These three songs are great for being stuck at the airport because they help me mellow out.
1. “Paris 96” – Malaa
2. “World to Me” – Tchami
3. “Jubel” – Kilgande

Three songs to listen to on the way into the dock after a day on the boat:
1. “Closer” (Slushii Remix) – The Chainsmokers
2. “Ritual” – Marshmello
3. “Middle” – DJ Snake


Your three favorite shows you’ve ever been to:
1. Veld music Festival in Toronto
2. Digital Dreams Music Festival in Toronto
3. Sunset Music Festival in Tampa

Three songs to keep you awake on a long drive:
1. “Broccoli” (Herobust Remix) – DRAM
2. “Plur Police” (JAUZ Remix) – Knife Party
3. “Propaganda” – DJ Snake.
Probably eventually switch it up with some Hip-Hop!