Pavati Boats

Pavati is the first company in the world that introduced an all-aluminum and fully welded boat for wakeboarding and wakesurfing.

2017 Pavati AL-24 – Top 3 Features

Our favorite thing about the Pavati AL-24 has to be the aluminum. It doesn’t heat up, it’s incredibly strong and durable, and comes complete with

Pavati Boats

2017 Pavati AL-24 Boat Review

We officially have something we’ve never tested before: an aluminum wakeboard boat. And when we say it’s aluminum, it’s ALL aluminum. There’s not a single

Pavati AL-24 Wakesurf Review

Pavati’s AL-24 is the company’s first foray into the wakesurf market, and it comes with some impressive features that could surprise you. First off, you

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2016 Pavati AL-24 Review

Wakeboard Boat Review Pavati’s all-aluminum wakeboard boat, the AL-24, is something you won’t see from any other inboard manufacturer on the market today, and it’s

Innovations: Pavati Aluminum

The whole point of wakeboarding and surfing is to weigh down the boat, and get as big a wake as possible, right? So why would

Pavati Reveals 2014 AL-24

Pavati announces the release of their 2014 AL-24! This boat features an aluminum build that’s worth taking a closer look at. They plan to officially