O’Neill Hit The Road (Episode 1) – “Royal Winching”

The O’Neill Wakeboard Team is on a road trip adventure across Germany: one tour bus, one winch and one book chock full of challenges to be completed, promising top-notch wakeboard action and excitement both on and off the water. In four webisodes, O’Neill will show the most spectacular shots and the funniest moments from this one-of-a-kind trip.

For two weeks, the six-man international wakeboard crew assembled around Nico von Lerchenfeld journeyed across Germany in search of unridden terrain far from the beaten path of the cable parks. A double-decker tour bus complete with trailer served as the crew’s mode of transportation, providing room for a winch, kickers and other equipment as well as bunk-bed accommodation for the athletes. Along a journey of over 2,000 kilometers, the team found exactly what they were looking for: extraordinary urban winch spots.

Along the way, the “Book of Challenges” provided an extra portion of fun and excitement. With over 50 tasks ranging from difficult to downright absurd, the challenges demanded not only extremely high-level riding from the team, but also tested their mettle off the water as well. In the first episode, Royal Winching — as required by the book — the riders were challenged to ride three different locations with a royal backdrop, while drawing straws to determine who would serve as the noble head-of-state over the next days.


After three days the team departed the imperial ambience of Bayreuth and Dresden and set sail for the capital Berlin, where a paradise of of winch spots along the Spree River awaited them. This next tour stop provided its own wealth of excitement as the Book of Challenges started into a new chapter, and it didn’t take long before the first encounter with local law enforcement occurred. How the Berlin police react to wakeboarding in front of Germany’s main government building, and whether it’s actually possible to build a functioning wakeboard with only €40 worth of material from the hardware store — these are questions answered in Episode 2, to be released on June 20, 2017.

O’Neill Hit The Road O’Neill

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