Oakley Wakeboard Move Of The Year

| |The quest for the 2010 Oakley Move Of The Year is no simple process. It began last year — just moments after Aaron Rathy’s wrapped melon backside 1080 was named top trick at WAKEBOARDING‘s 2009 Wake Awards — and will run until the Wake Awards return to Orlando in September. For more than a year, the world’s best riders will strive to push wakeboarding’s boundaries on lakes across the country. WAKEBOARDING will chronicle their exploits here, keeping you up to the minute on the leading candidates for the 2010 Oakley Move Of The Year. To be considered, all Oakley Move of the Year contenders must be submitted by Wednesday, Sept. 8 at 5 p.m. EST.| | | tr>

|## Keith Lidberg’s Handrail Switch Board Slide| |Watch Keith Lidberg land a switch board slide on a gnarly triple-kink handrail. This setup was about as sketchy as it gets. Lidberg was pulled into the rail by a winch strapped to the back of a boat and the 40-foot start pool didn’t provide much time to set up. After absorbing a few bad bales, Lidberg rode out the rail on his fourth try. Watch Lidberg’s handrail video now.| | |

| |## Amber Wing’s TS FS 900| |Watch Amber Wing land a wake-to-wake toeside frontside 900 — the first 9 ever landed by a woman wakeboarder. Watch Amber’s TS FS 900 video now.| | |


| |## Rusty Malinsoki’s Wake-To-Wake 1080| | Rusty Malinoski stomped only the second wake-to-wake 1080 ever landed. Malinoski is no stranger to three full rotations. The Bonecrusher can land 1080s virtually every time he hits the double-up and last year became the first rider to land a 1080 in competition when he stomped the trick at the 2009 Pro Wakeboard Tour finale in Reno. Watch Rusty’s wake-to-wake 1080 video now.| | | |

| |## Trevor Hansen’s Wake-To-Wake Double Back Roll| In April, Trevor Hansen landed a wake-to-wake double back roll, which is wakeboarding’s first wake-to-wake double flip. Watch Trevor’s wake-to-wake double back roll video now.


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