Now Introducing WAKEFOIL

IS THAT A WAKEFOIL?... OR ARE YOU JUST HAPPY TO SEE ME?! All New Wake Hydrofoil Brand Hits the SceneWAKEFOIL

WAKEFOIL is now live on and ready to take your 2017 summer season to the next level! This new, behind the boat, hydrofoil brand has risen to the occasion and is bringing one of the newest and most exciting innovations the "fun behind the boat" industry has seen in years.

WAKEFOIL’s new product offerings are built to fly you high behind any boat in any type of conditions… rough water, smooth water, stormy water, WAKEFOIL delivers unlimited fun! Whether being towed at maximum lengths or soaring through the pocket as you surf the foil, riders of all ages are guaranteed to have a blast floating through the clouds on this new set up.

WAKEFOIL is working with the best in the industry to make sure all products are top notch…

World Champion Skim boarder and Professional Wakesurfer, Austin Keen, can be seen Elevating his Ride in the new WAKEFOIL teaser.

Mike Murphy, “Godfather of the Foil” and inventor of the air chair, states “I’ve been making and riding hydrofoils for over 50 years and this is the most fun on a foil I’ve ever had.”

With expert advice and R&D thrill testing, the team at WAKEFOIL is stoked to be offering a true game changer this summer season.