Thomas Herman Completes First Ever Wakeboard Triple Flip by Boat

Triple backroll at the 2023 Red Bull Double Up sets new standard.

Check out this video from Send It Official on YouTube to see Herman’s amazing feat.

The four-minute mile. The 100-mph fastball. The first tow-in big wave surfer. Sports of all types are rife with milestones.

Now comes Thomas Herman. With his triple back roll performed at the 2023 Red Bull Double or Nothing in Orlando, Florida this past weekend, Herman makes history as the first wakeboarder to complete a triple flip behind a boat.

Herman wrote the following on Instagram (@thomasherman):

HUGE thank you to @parxxx + event sponsors for the opportunity to make this happen on such a big stage. The crowd was unreal and I think that’s what I needed! Thank you to my friends, family, and companies that stand beside me. Couldn’t have done it without you🙌🏼

Herman went on to post:

This thing was a BATTLE💪🏼 Guesstimate roughly 250 double ups and the 30th attempt we got her done🙏🏼 It has always been a dream of mine to invent a trick. For that to be the Triple Backroll sounds insane haha!

A day I will always remember

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We will remember it, too, Thomas. Congratulations, and thank you for elevating the sport.