Operation Wakesurf Gifted $10,000 by Troy Gentry Foundation

Operation Wakesurf put on another amazing event in Nashville.

Video courtesy of Tyler Leaman

Operation Wakesurf blends the healing power of water, camaraderie and mentorship via its compassionate coaches by sharing the passion for wakesurfing with first responders and military personnel. This gives our participants an amazing experience on the water while instilling community, confidence, camaraderie and the respect they deserve.

At a recent event in Nashville, Tennessee Operation Wakesurf was gifted $10,000 by the Troy Gentry Foundation, gate proceeds from a concert.

Robby Masschaupt, Founder, of Operation Wakesurf said this, following the Nashville event:

“What an amazing long long day. We pulled 11 heroes from Fort Campbell and had an amazing intimate concert with some amazing artists. We got one gentleman who didn’t know how to swim how to surf on a short board and a longboard. We had a gal that came they didn’t know how to swim. We did not teach her how to wakesurf we did however put her in a vest and get her very very comfortable in the water I am so proud of what we do and who we do it for.“