Mini-Documentary THREE Drops!

Get a behind-the-scenes look at what went into Thomas Herman's amazing triple flip.
Thomas Herman mini-doc
The video mini-documentary, THREE, can be viewed on Supra’s website. Courtesy Supra Boats

THREE is a mini documentary capturing the three-year story of wakeboarder Thomas Herman as he conquers the uncharted territory of the triple flip behind a boat.

THREE takes viewers on a captivating ride through the highs and lows of Thomas Herman’s relentless pursuit of the triple flip. The film showcases not only the breathtaking athleticism of this wakeboarding pioneer but also the unwavering determination that fueled his quest for perfection.

Hear from wakeboarding legends Darin Shapiro and Parks Bonifay, who provide exclusive insights into the significance of Thomas Herman’s journey and its impact on the wakeboarding community. Pro wakeboarder and esteemed coach Mike Dowdy shares his perspective on the challenges faced by Thomas during his ambitious venture, offering a unique behind-the-scenes look at the making wakeboarding history.

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The documentary also features Steel Lafferty, who was extremely close to landing the triple flip behind a boat during his X Games Real Wake part providing a firsthand account of the perilous world of pushing the limits in wakeboarding. Together, these industry giants shed light on the mental and physical challenges that come with attempting groundbreaking tricks.

THREE culminates in the awe-inspiring moment at the Redbull Double or Nothing event where Thomas Herman defies all expectations, landing the first-ever triple flip in front of a massive crowd and an industry that has been eagerly anticipating this historic feat.

This mini documentary is more than a celebration of wakeboarding; it’s a testament to human resilience, passion, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.