Dusseldorf Boat Show One of the Best for Watersports Enthusiasts

This show has a hall dedicated to surf sports gear and equipment, complete with a wave pool.

Colloquially known as The Dusseldorf Boat show, boot Dusseldorf offers much more for the wake enthusiast than do most boat shows in North America. There is an entire exhibit hall dedicated to surf sports, which includes wakeboarding, wakesurfing and the various methods of foiling, And, there is a cable and indoor water where ongoing demos are given.

Wakeboarding demo
An entire hall with gear and on water demos, dedicated to watersports, at boot Dusseldorf. Courtesy boot Dusseldorf

Located in Hall 17 of this massive boat show, the world’s largest, wake enthusiasts will find tons of gear on display. In addition, wakeboarding surfing and foiling demos are on going daily so you can see the latest gear put to use in the water by pro riders. In fact you can meet some the pros, get selfies or autographs with them, and sign up for hands-on activities and lessons.

Watersports instruction at boot Dusseldorf
You can get hands-on watersports instruction at boot Dusseldorf Courtesy boot Dusseldorf

Wakesports a boot Dusseldorf is managed by Wasserski Langenfeld.

All of this indoors in Germany, yes, in January. So, for those of you in Europe…or elsewhere…hit this show if you can.

The Dusseldorf Boat Show-boot Düsseldorf-is set for January 20 to January 28, 2024.