2024 Nautique Masters by GM

Meagan Ethell, Massi Piffaretti take top podiums for wakeboarding.
Masters podium men
Massi Piffaretti took top wakeboarding honors, while Nic Rapa (left) earned second place and Guenther Oka (right) took third place. Courtesy Massi Piffaretti

The highly-anticipated Finals Day at the 64th Nautique Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard Tournament presented by GM Marine concluded with the world-record setting Ski Nautique and award-winning Super Air Nautique G23 pulling the world’s top water ski and wakeboard athletes to the coveted Masters Titles. The spectators of Robin Lake were treated to a display of unparalleled talent as their favorite athletes etched their names into waterski and wakeboard history. 

The Super Air Nautique G23 provided perfect passes for the Pro Women’s Wakeboard finalists. Meagan Ethell (USA) defended her Masters title and stood up her run with a flawless performance. This was Ethell’s 8th Master’s Title. Meagan was followed by Nautique team athlete Zahra Kell (AUS) and Eugenia de Armas (ARG), respectively. 

Masters podium women
Meagan Ethell earned her 8th Masters Title. She is flanked by Zahra Kell (left) who took second and Eugenia de Armas (right) scoring third place. Courtesy Meagan Ethell

The Pro Men’s Wakeboard final showcased the creativity and innovation that define the sport at its highest level. The crowd went wild as the G23 pulled Massi Piffaretti (ITA) to his second consecutive Masters Title. Second place went to Nic Rapa (AUS), and the third spot on the podium went to Guenther Oka (USA). 

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Results for other towed watersports events can be found below.

The day began with Team Nautique athletes dominating all three spots on the Pro Women’s Trick podium. Anna Hunter (USA) claimed her 3rd Masters title in the Pro Women’s Trick division, scoring 10,540 points. Neilly Ross (CAN) scored 10,300 points to take second, and Erika Lang (USA) took the final spot on the podium with 10,120 points. 

During the Pro Men’s Trick division, the Ski Nautique pulled Martin Labra (CHI) to his first Masters Title with a score of 11,810 points. Martin was followed by Matias Gonzalez (CHI) and Joel Poland (GBR), respectively. 

With more Masters Titles than any other woman in history, Nautique team athlete Regina Jaquess (USA) earned her 10th Masters Title with 4 @ 11.25 M in the Pro Women’s Slalom division. “It’s an absolute honor to win my 10th Masters Title behind the Ski Nautique as a Nautique athlete,” said Regina. “With 14 wins, Andy Mapple and Freddy Kreuger are tied with the most Masters Titles, so it’s an insane feeling to be so close to holding as many Masters Titles as these two legends.” Nautique team athlete Neilly Ross (CAN) secured second with Paige Rini (CAN) taking third. 

Pulled by the GM Marine powered Ski Nautique, Cole McCormick (CAN) was crowned champion of the Pro Men’s Slalom division running 5.5 @ 10.75 M. After Cole, it was Will Asher (GBR) skiing to second place, and Stephen Neveu (CAN) in third. 

During the Pro Women’s Jump final, Hanna Straltsova (USA) soared 52 M (171 ft) to victory. The Ski Nautique pulled Brittany Wharton (USA) to second and Aliaksandra Danisheuskaya (USA) to third.

This unforgettable day on the water got even better as the men hit the water for the Pro Men’s Jump division. Joel Poland (GBR) emerged victorious jumping and impressive 68.2 M (224 ft). Nautique team athlete Ryan Dodd (CAN) took the second spot on the podium, and Florian Parth (ITA) was third. 

Congratulations to all of the 64th Nautique Masters Water Ski and Wakeboard competitors for their hard work and determination, and thank you to the fans, vendors, and sponsors for their unwavering support throughout the tournament. 

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