2022 Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard Nationals

Non-stop action and intensity in wakeboarding and wakesurfing.
Nautique Paragon towing
Nautique Paragon towing at the 2022 Nautique WWA Wakeboard National Champions presented by GM Marine. Courtesy WWA

The 2022 Nautique WWA U.S. Wakeboard Nationals delivered nonstop talented riding and intense action by the best athletes in watersports. Master of ceremonies, Courage Criddle, and announcer, Mark Heger, unpacked the event on the mics as the action unfolded in front of a live audience. The event took place at different locations over the span of 4 days: August 4-7, 2022. Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing went down at Lake Silver in Winter Haven, Florida. The Cable Competition took place at Elite Cable Park in Auburndale, Florida.

Nationals consisted of three disciplines: Wakesurfing, Wakeboarding, and Cable Park. Each discipline had a wide variety of divisions from Surfing Moms and Dads to Veterans. Nationals are unique because the whole family can compete. In fact, the whole Ruegsegger family did just that! As a family of 5: Elise competed in Wakesurfing Moms, Joe in Veteran Mens, Joey in under 10 Boys, Maya in 10-13 year old Girls, and Avery in Jr. Pro Women. It was super cool to witness so much talent in a single family from Minnesota!

Event logos
The 2022 event was packed with amazing riding. Courtesy WWA

The athlete’s rode behind two Nautique Paragons! The interior and experience of the Paragon is supremely luxurious. The wake was massive and the pros were absolutely shredding out on the water!  After an intense battle behind the boat, Nic Rapa soared to the top and took 1st place in Pro Men’s. Followed by Tyler Higham in 2nd and Guenther Oka in 3rd place.

The vibe was chill and excitement high! Loads of onlookers brought their furry friends to soak up the action and many rode One Wheels to get around the site. Nautique Boats and their sponsored athletes signed T-shirts for the fans. It was blazing hot to say the least, but we all had so much fun in the sun! I had the amazing opportunity of a front row seat. I witnessed all the action from the boat while filming the action! It was such a thrill riding on the boat and seeing world class athletes up close as they showcased their best tricks. I feel fortunate to have such a blessing!

Be sure to lookout for our highlight video of the 2022 Nautique Nationals coming soon!

Nic Rapa after winning
Nic Rapa, winner of the 2022 Nationals. Courtesy Ronix Wake

Words With the Winner: Nic Rapa

Wakeboarding: Hey Nic! Huge congratulations on taking 1st place at the 2022 Nautique Nationals! What went through your mind when you knew you won?

Nic: It was insane being in the finals out there! The course layout was tricky and adding in a double up, it was crazy! Stoked, I pulled off the run I wanted to take the win. When I found out I hugged  my wife and  was stoked! 3rd national title in 4 years. Super happy!

The Nautique Nationals is sponsored by: Nautique Boats, GM Marine, Roswell, Water Sports Industry Association, Visit Central Florida, Polk County Sports Marketing, Boatmate Trailers, EZ Drive Thrusters, Hyperlite Wake Co., Liquid Force, and JL Audio.

Competing Pro Athletes at the 2022 Nautique Nationals:


Men: Nic Rapa, Cory Teunissen, Tyler Higham, Fynn Bullock, Noah Flegel, Jake Pelot, Thomas Herman, Sam Brown, Guenther Oka, Haydon Bru, Parker Swope, Tony Iacconi, Noah Wildman, Pierce Anderson, Jaden Storm Reichi, Mizuki Takahashi, Tanner Higham, Luca Kidd, Harley Clifford, Ulf Ditsch, Dylan Sexton, and Kai Ditsch.

Women: Eugenia De Armas, Jaimie Lopina, Hollie Waldrop, Hollie Waldrop, Tarah Mikacich, Dallas Friday, Taylor McCullough, Erika Lang, Mackenzie McCarthy, Mary Morgan Howell, Bec Gange, Meagan Ethell, Hinata Yoshihara, and Elle Christensen.


Men: Noah Flegel, Sean Silveira, Nicholas Parros, Chad Carlson, Brock Moody, Drew Drennan, Markus Lahmer, Beaux Wildman, Jett Lambert, John Akerman, and Reed Cole-Tucker.

Women: Ashley Kidd, Ashley Inloes, Jodi Grassman, Whitley Stewart, and Bailey Dunn.


Men: Reed Hansen and Brian Grubb