New Device Revolutionizes Float’n & Boat’n Experience

A fun multi-use personal flotation device (PFD), the Float’n N Boat’n Thang, gives users a whole new way to experience paddle boarding.

New device, The Fitness Float’n N Boat’n Thang, makes it easy for users to navigate waters while sitting in relaxed positions. The fun, multi-use personal flotation device not only offers the ability for just about anyone to float comfortably in the water, it can also be used as a booster seat on your paddleboard, boat seat, beach chair, or just sit on it. It can be adjusted to act as a booster seat or if raised up offers amazing lower back support. However as an added bonus, the fitness side of the device does amazing wonders for those people suffering from lower back issues resulting from bad posture.

A fun multi-use personal flotation device (PFD), the Float’n N Boat’n Thang, gives users a whole new way to experience paddle boarding. Float’n & Boat’n Thang

Named the “Float’nThang” for short, this personal flotation device gives users a seat with a 2 beverage holders for standup paddle boarding (SUP). Seeking to help boarders use their SUP’s as a kayak in seconds, without any straps or clips to mess with, this (PFD) provides needed support when the user would like to get into a sitting position on their paddleboard (SUPs). The device has a unique ability to offer support for the user’s lower back, and boosts the user up about 5 to 6” for better paddling.

It’s no surprise that the floatation device has the slogan, “Increase Your Physical Gains while Reducing Your Aches and Pains,” since the device offers great lower back support while still giving you a relaxed position. “You’re more likely to get a better workout when your body is relaxed,” says Lake Pleasant, AZ member Steve S. “Relaxed muscles make your body less likely to suffer from muscles strain and tears.”


Exercise and back support are not the only perks to this personal flotation device. Not only is the device good in water but it can also be used when you’re lounging around on shore or at home. For instance, if you need extra back support in your office chair, or if you just need a boost when you’re sitting, the Float’nThang can help. Inventor, Doug Masi, quickly realized that the device has an infinite amount of potential when his friends kept asking for the device.

The back float is the most relaxing benefit of the FloatnThang. With a little practice you can balance perfectly and let the FloatnThang keep you at the surface. You’ll float like know other flotation device can offer.

“During our testing for the device, we noticed that our friends would ask, ‘Where’s that floating thing?’ The name just caught on, and people loved it! There are lots of different exercise techniques you can do with the SUP (standup paddleboard), and it’s comfortable.” –Doug Masi, Inventor


Kayak Usages: The device can accommodate 2 round waterproof LED lights for sunset and nighttime outings. The device fits around the user while in the kayak, providing an amazing core support. With a small amount of adjusting the device gives the users a soft cushion feel and makes paddling extremely comfortable.

Night usage with the LED lights add that extra cool buzz. Keep your favorite beverage nearby and light up. Set the lights to red and green on your kayak and you will be nighttime ready. At least they will know what direction you’re heading. Round water proof LED lights can be purchased online at Amazon.

TO GET YOUR ORDER – Sales starting Mid April 2017