Must-See Boats at the 2016 Miami Boat Show

For 2016, the Progressive Miami International Boat Show takes place at its new home on Virginia Key, just south of downtown Miami, Florida. Check out this list of new boats you can see at the show.

Malibu’s M235 Courtesy Malibu Boats

Malibu will have the new M235 available for sea trials at the show. Also see the Axis A20 and 25 LSV. Check in at C117.

Mastercraft’s NXT 20 Global Courtesy MasterCraft Boats

See the Mastercraft NXT 20 Global outboard at the Miami Boat Show, along with many more Mastercraft models, both on land and in the water. Visit: B129 (building B Tent), 205 (building In Water), 206 (building In Water).

Chaparral’s Vortex Courtesy Chaparral Boats

See Chaparral Boats‘ line of Vortex jet boats, plus cruisers, deckboats and more at A245 (building A Tent), B147 (building B Tent).

Cobalt’s 336 Courtesy Cobalt Boats

See Cobalt Boats, including this 336, at B131 (building B Tent).

Regal’s 3200 Courtesy Regal Boats

See the Regal 3200 and other Regal Boats at A235 (building A Tent), 717 (building In Water), 715 (building In Water), 711 (building In Water), 713 (building In Water), 719 (building In Water).

Rinker’s 220 MTX Extreme Courtesy Rinker Boats

Check out Rinker Boats 220 MTX Extreme, and other models, at A145!

Sea Ray
Sea Ray’s 250 SLX Courtesy Sea Ray Boats

See the Sea Ray 250 SLX, other new Sea Ray SLX models, and more at A135 (building A Tent), 707 (building In Water), 708 (building In Water).

Monterey’s 298 SS Courtesy Monterey Boats

Monterey Boats 298 SS and the rest of the Monterey fleet are on display at B141 (building B Tent), 504 (building In Water), 503 (building In Water), 502 (building In Water), 501 (building In Water), 505 (building In Water), 506 (building In Water).