Malibu Launches the New 23 MXZ for 2020

The 23-footer rounds out Malibu's acclaimed pickle-fork lineup
Malibu 23 MXZ on the water
Malibu’s all-new 23 MXZ. Courtesy Malibu

The legend of Malibu continues to grow. Today the storied manufacturer of the best-selling wake boat of all time (23 LSV) announced an all-new model to its lineup: the 23 MXZ. Slotting in between the 22 MXZ and 24, the 23 gives customers another size option with the wider, pickle-fork bow design. Knowing the performance of the 22 and 24 in terms of wakes, waves, and all-around comfort, we have a feeling this 23 is going to be quite popular.

The Malibu 23 MXZ throws a large ramp
As is the case with the 22 and 24, the wakes on the 23 MXZ look as clean and consistent as ever. Courtesy Malibu
Wakesurfing the 23 MXZ
Of course, the wave is big enough for multiple riders to have some fun! Courtesy Malibu

The 23 MXZ doesn’t just mark a new model though, because for 2020 Malibu is featuring loads of new tech and features. Did you know that MXZ stands for MaXimiZed? From initial looks and impressions, it seems as if the 23 MXZ is just that. With an all-new Command Center setup at the helm, wireless charging stations throughout the boat, an optional power GX tower, power from Malibu’s new Monsoon engines, and Malibu’s all-new Stern Turn technology, the 23 MXZ is setup with everything you could want in a wake boat, and then some.

The two big standouts that we noticed right away are the redesigned Command Center and the Stern Turn. For the driver, Malibu has swapped the placement of the rotary knob and the secondary touchscreen. The screen now sits to driver’s left and is vertically oriented, while the command dial is to the driver’s right, along with the wireless charging station mount. Stern Turn is Malibu’s latest option to help with slow-speed maneuverability. The water-cooled electric thruster can be controlled without taking your hand off the throttle, and it doesn’t eat up storage space because it’s full integrated into the rear platform.

The 23 MXZ has a substantial sunpad
Serious Malibu fans and aficionados might notice an all-new windshield on the 23 MXZ, as well. Courtesy Malibu
Overhead shot of the 23 MXZ
There is room for 16 onboard the new 23 MXZ. Courtesy Malibu
Helm of the 23 MXZ
The helm of the 23 MXZ features an all-new Command Center. Courtesy Malibu
Stern Turn thruster
Malibu’s new Stern Turn thruster is mounted in the rear platform. Courtesy Malibu

As soon as we get a chance to get on one of these brand new wake-making machines, we’ll be sure to let you know more about it. In the meantime, you can head over to the Malibu website to learn more.

2020 Malibu Wakesetter 23 MXZ Specifications:
Length: 23 Feet / 7 M
Beam: 102 Inches / 2.6 M
Seating Capacity: 16
Weight: 5,400 LBS / 2,449 KG
Engine: Malibu Monsoon M5Di or M6Di
Fuel Capacity: 58 G / 220 L
Ballast Capacity: 3,170 LBS / 1,438 KG
Effective Ballast with Wedge Deployed: 4,670 LBS / 2,118 KG
Wave Creation: Signature Malibu goodness