The Liquid Lockdown

A wake park contest perfectly suited for the craziness of 2020.

2020 has been a bit crazy, to say the least. Many of the iconic, progressive contests we're used to tuning into every year had to be put on hold. One of those was Plastic Playground, held annually at Liquid Playground in the U.K. In the middle of the global quarantine, acclaimed drone videographer Dave Averillo - @dave_av - came up with an idea to recreate Plastic Playground, in a safe, socially distant manner. Thus, the Liquid Lockdown was born. 14 of the best wake park riders (who could safely travel to the U.K.) convened at Liquid Playground, although only 13 were able to compete, as Liam Peacock was out with an injury.

The format:

  • Each rider has two runs to put down their best score.
  • Features only, no air tricks.
  • No falls.
  • Judging criteria: style, creativity, risk-taking and fluidity.

Dave AV filmed each run with his drone and the runs were then sent off to a panel of international all-star judges including Guenther Oka, Graeme Burress, James Windsor, Anna Nikstad and William Klang. Before the results are announced though, now it's your chance to be a judge. Below you can watch each rider's best run and vote for your favorite. Voting is open until Oct. 1. Afterward, the Liquid Lockdown champ and Fan Favorite winner will be announced!

Jack Constable

Alfie Constable

Matt Branston

Max Cuckney

Pedro Caldas

Sam Light

Kieran Owens

Dan Baerselman

Ryan Peacock

Cain Hamilton

Matt Muncey

Nico Von Lerchenfeld

Felix Georgii