LearnWake Gets a Facelift!

LearnWake, your #1 source for wakeboarding instruction, has just released their newly-redesigned site for an improved user experience. Whether you're a newbie or a veteran, LearnWake has a ton of tips and tricks that can help build your foundation to become a better rider. Head over to LearnWake.com to see the complete site re-design with an all new layout to make it easier and fun for you to improve your riding!

how to wakeboard

We all dream of boosting like Randall Harris, but much like adding yards to your drive in golf, any amount of improvement in wakeboarding will make you that much more excited to get back out there for the next ride. Whether you are just learning to get air or want to float your tricks longer to add style, we have the goods for you.

how to wakeboard

Learning to spin correctly can open the doors to your riding in a way that few other skills can. Mastery of line tension, handle manipulation, and learning the proper edging types and positions will get you going from zero to 360 (or 540 to 720) with fewer handle drops and edge catches.

how to wakeboard

Upside-downers are a huge part of the sport. Some of you want to learn your first flip to impress the rest of the lake, and others want to fill out a contest pass to take home more podium spots. Choose your flippin’ adventure and get those inverts dialed.

how to wakeboard

We pride ourselves on providing a strong foundation so your riding flourishes in the years to come. We also know that riders of any skill level can benefit from breaking things down and learning to identify problems and bad habits. The best in the world work on their foundation, and so should you!

how to wakeboard

Even with the luxury of a 12-month riding season in places like Orlando, your time spent off the water can dramatically improve your time on the water. Learn our favorite drills on dry land to accelerate improvement in your sets to come, and get tips on how to look better in boardshorts — or, rather, dial in that wake fitness for improved performance.