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Let’s face it, we’d all like to be better at wakeboarding. That’s the fun of it, right? Continuing to advance and push yourself, however far that may be, and having fun at the same time. Nothing beats the feeling of learning a new trick, whether it’s as basic as your first wake jump or as complex as late-grabbing a backside 540. For years, the LearnWake franchise has helped riders all over the world do just that, but now we’re excited to announce how LearnWake is evolving and how much more it can help you with your riding.

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The LearnWake App WBM

Behold the LearnWake app for iOS. Whether you’re at home, on the boat or at the cable park, the new LearnWake app is your best, easiest bet to progress your riding. The app is ­everything you love about the original LearnWake website, now in the palm of your hand and with a bunch of awesome new features. The interface is laid out in an easy-to-use format that lets you scroll through different tricks, training techniques, and even boat-driving tips. The amount of content available is insane, but you’ll never feel overwhelmed or lost, since it is all organized in a simple, intuitive way. If you want to work on inverts, you can easily go to the section of the app that will help you with them. When you want to focus on fundamentals or spins, there are sections for those too. Beginner to advanced, LearnWake has got you covered.

As you start progressing, the LearnWake app makes searching for your next trick to try a breeze. The app is set up to take a rider from getting up for their first time all the way to professional-level tricks. Each trick has its own page that describes how to do it, what tricks are prerequisites to it, and what a user might want to go for next after they master it. LearnWake has the most extensive video archive of instructional wakeboard videos anywhere. Got a trick in mind? Chances are there is a video that will show you how — and break it down in an easy-to-understand manner. If you get the app and sign up for LearnWake, you have the ability to download specific videos and create playlists of your own. So next time you’re in the middle of the lake without reception, you’ll be able to access your saved content. It’s like having your own personal coach on the boat with you at all times.


One of the coolest aspects of the LearnWake website is the ­video-analysis service, but with the app, it’s even better. Have your buddies shoot some video of you trying a trick with your phone, then instantly upload it through the LearnWake app to have it professionally analyzed. In the future, be on the lookout for special-guest pro coaches, who will be analyzing videos and offering advice from time to time. Users can also watch video analysis of other users, which is just another way to help you learn. Sound too good to be true? Don’t worry, it’s not. And don’t feel like you’re not good enough to join or you have too many bad habits; the LearnWake analysis via the app even has a “riding overhaul” option where the coaches analyze your general riding and get you on the path to progression by building a personalized program just for you.

This is just the beginning for the LearnWake app, and it’s going to get better and better. Be sure to download it and see a preview for free. Trust us, you’re going to want to see what it’s all about. Summer riding is at its peak, and it would be awesome to close out the season with some new tricks in your bag.


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