Last Words with Derek Cook

The Nor-Cal to Orlando transplant continues to evolve his riding, and is having fun doing it

These days Derek Cook is as busy as ever, but much of that has to do with keeping up with his two year old son, Fynnly. Whether he’s in his backyard on Lake Holden working on doing different tricks in different ways, or making pancakes for a hungry toddler, Derek’s got his hands full. Of course, not much beats being on the lake with the family, which the Cook clan takes advantage of regularly. We hit up Derek to find out what he’s been up to most recently. These are his “lasts”…

derek cook relaxing on boat
Derek kicking back and relaxing. Garrett Cortese

Song played on your phone:

“Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson. Fynnly loves that jam.

Selfie you took:

Minion selfie…

derek cook minion selfie
Derek and his son Fynnly. Derek Cook

Movie you saw in theaters:

That new maze runner movie. Date night with wifey.

Show you binge-watched:

Last Man on Earth

Trick you learned:

Tai Pan. Not sure if I’m sold on it yet.

derek cook tai pan grab
Derek working on that new Tai Pan grab. What’s old is new again. Not Derek, the grab. And maybe Derek a little… Garrett Cortese

Wakeboarder that made you freak out:

Watching Ty Higham do his no handle pass back 5.

Time you got a full night’s sleep:

Last night

Place you rode park:

Velocity Island on a trip to California for Trever Maur’s wedding


Rider you pulled:

Adam Fields

Crash you took that hurt a little extra:

Tantrum to blind while filming Dog Dayz. Blew my right eardrum


Jai Alai

derek cook wakeboarding frontside 360
Derek unwrapping a frontside 360 in his backyard. Garrett Cortese

Place you had pancakes:

I’m currently eating pancakes right now at my house.

Time you did a batwing:

Last week, indy Japan of a double up.

Place you traveled:

Cozumel, Mexico for Christmas

Website you visited: I have to check out which way the winds coming from so I know who to call with the best line on their lake.

derek cook wakeboarder laughing
Winter life isn’t too bad for Derek Cook. Garrett Cortese

Place you grabbed a bite in Orlando:

The Water Front

Words that came out of your mouth:

“Do you want another pancake?”