Last Words With Ben Horan

Ben Horan Bryan Soderlind

Your Last – Road trip:
Winch trip in France with Leo Labadens and the crew. It was awesome. So many sick spots over there.

Your Last – Night sleeping in the Westfalia van:
At Valdosta Wake Compound. I’ve been staying there in the Westfalia building the setup for the Wakeskate Tour stop.

Your Last – Friend who jumped in the van:
Oskar Gejler


Your Last – New wakeskate spot you found:
We have to build them now. We don’t have any fresh spots in Georgia or Florida right now.

Your Last – Trick you got a clip of:
I’ve been working on the switch nose-slide kickflip. It’s coming real soon!

Your Last – Photo you took with your phone:
A photo of a glass snake in my yard under this old Nike tent from Retention


Your Last – Cable park you took laps at:
Valdosta Wake Compound

Your Last – Skate park you pumped around:
The Hotel Nahunta

Your Last – Song you listened to:
“Jelly Jelly” by The Allman Brothers Band


Your Last – Meal:
Whipped up some veggie pesto pasta.

Your Last – DIY project:
Skate Free in Miami. It’s a sick nonprofit DIY spot under I-95 down there.

Your Last – High-five:
That was from Oskar at 8 a.m. this morning.


Your Last – Place you visited where you thought, “I could live here”:
The Satilla River by my house

Your Last – Place you visited where you thought the opposite:
Any big city. I can only handle that for a couple of days.

Your Last – New trick:
Big flip over the fence down the drop at my house

Your Last – Plane ride:
Back from CWC in the Philippines

Your Last – Concrete you poured:
That was for the Skate Free project in Miami.