Last Words w/ Shane Bonifay

The style master is still at it, both on his wakeboard and behind the lens

There isn’t much to say about the legendary Shane Bonifay that hasn’t already been said. His style set the tone for wakeboarding’s progression throughout the 2000’s, not to mention his leadership of the famed Pointless Posse as the crew leading that progression. Because of his name and the roots that come with it, Shane has basically been in the wakeboarding limelight since he started riding. All along the way he’s managed to take that limelight and make sure he’s showcasing himself and the sport just how he wants. Now, over two decades later, Shane is still doing that, albeit in some different ways. Most recently he’s taken over as the head honcho behind Liquid Force films, which is a turn back to a hobby he put in that very same limelight with the creation of “Incomplete.” He’s been a busy man this year, but he’s still finding time to ride with that signature Shane style. Here are some of his “lasts.”

Clear Lake cruising
Shane’s pontoon – perfect for Clear Lake cruising. Garrett Cortese

Song played on your phone
Anderson .Paak – “Bubblin”

Shane Bonifay with his mother
Selfie you took
With Mama.
Shane Bonifay
Solo poster
*Movie you saw in theaters * “Solo. A Star Wars story Imgage: Disney

Show you binge-watched
Evil Genius – the most elaborate bank heist


Trick you learned
The last one I am proud of is the switch toe double roll to revert.

Wakeboarder that made you freak out
Dary Znebel.

Thing you screamed at Blood for (Blood is Shane’s bloodhound)
Definitely for getting in the trash or eating the cheese.

Shane Bonifay
Signature Shane Bonifay Garrett Cortese

Place you rode park
Kansas City Watersports

Bird you saw
Red winged black bird (male)

Odell IPA


Thing you cooked in the kitchen
Homemade pasta and creamy mushroom sauce.

Shane carving
Cooks pasta, carves butter. Garrett Cortese

Time you wore board pants
Probably 18 years ago. But I want a pair so I can bring it back. Hit me up if you happen to have some!

Piece of video you edited
Liquid Force Free 4 All at Ski Rixen.


Website you visited
YouTube to watch Childish Gambino’s “This is America” vid.

Place you grabbed a bite in Orlando

Shane Bonifay
“Anybody want some Chik-Fil-A?” Garrett Cortese
Shane Bonifay doing what he does
Not sh#%&y. Garrett Cortese

Thing that made you LOL
Last time I looked at Trump’s tweets… or the thought I had about Vin Diesel being genetically created by Hollywood to star in terrible driving movies.

Word that came out of your mouth “Sh#%&y.”


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