Last Words w/ Dylan Miller

The Canadian is about to get hitched, so here goes nothing!

Last Words w/ Dylan Miller
A little morning session on one of Central Florida's glassiest lakes.Dylan Miller

Canadian wakeboarder Dylan Miller has become known for several things, most notably skinny stances and the Wakezeach Instagram account. Aside from being an incredibly unique wakeboarder, he's also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Sometimes known as Dyl-gnar or Dye-lahn, Dylan is about to get married, so we figured it was only appropriate to get some of his "last words" into the Internet for safekeeping...

Last Words w/ Dylan Miller
Stella modeling in that morning light.Dylan Miller

Pic you took on your phone: A picture of my dog Stella.

Last Words w/ Dylan Miller
TouristDylan Miller

Country stamped in your passport: Brazil

Last Words w/ Dylan Miller
Dylan and his future better half, Aerielle, at the Formats premiere in Orlando.Bradlee Rutledge

Decision you made for wedding planning: How many people to invite. Way more time consuming than I ever imagined.

Time you ate meat: I ate a shrimp the other day, it was ok. But before that was almost seven years ago.

Last Words w/ Dylan Miller
Not Dylan's newest trick.Garrett Cortese

Trick you learned on a wakeboard: I'm sorry, that's actually top secret information.

Thing you bought with cash: What's cash? Do you mean credit card?

Last Words w/ Dylan Miller
Patriotic, and definitely funny.Dylan Miller

Wakezeach post that made you LOL: Two dudes on those jet ski hoverboard things holding the United States flag during the national anthem. I personally thought it was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen.

Website you visited:

Ball sport you played: Tennis

Thing you did with your dog: Walked her at a frisbee golf course / dog photo shoot (as seen in the photo above). I couldn't resist, the light was amazing this morning.

Last Words w/ Dylan Miller
This is not that apartment complex, but Dylan is good at winching.Bryan Soderlind

Place you winched: An apartment complex in Orlando.

Board you rode that wasn't a wakeboard: 8.5-foot longboard

Last Words w/ Dylan Miller
"Later dude."Garrett Cortese

Words that came out of your mouth: "Later dude" to Brenton Priestley

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