Last Words: Tarah Mikacich

We sat down with Tarah Mikacich to see what she's been up to as of late...

Tarah Mikacich and Shaka DogTyler Soden


Person you texted:
Abby Delgoffe

Thing you ate:
A banana

About 30 minutes ago

New trick:
Melon toe back 1

Girl you taught how to ride:
This girl named Anastasia from Canada. She got up first try.

Park set:
Freedom Wake Park

Major purchase:
Dodge Ram truck in July

TV show you watched:
New Girl

Girl who inspired you:
Bec Gange

Phone call:
Shontell Crawford

Hard crash:
Somehow I managed to take a back edge on an indy front roll in December.

Gift you gave: Wine

Video you took with your phone:
Mizuki [Takahashi] being weird with our dog, Shaka.

Passport stamp:

Song you sang:
"My Church" by Maren Morris

Good deed:
5 a.m. airport run

Thing you hand-wrote:
A note to Cobe

Road trip:
Cobe and I drove all around Portugal in September. That place is awesome.

New grab on an old trick:
Nose grab on a heelside off-axis 540

Fun fact you learned: Cats don't meow to other cats, only to their humans.