Last Words: Kevin Henshaw

Last Words
Recent happenings with Area 52's owner and prez.Bryan Soderlind


Boat set:
Six months ago, ha-ha.

Thing you built at your property:
The Wall

Major purchase:
An engagement ring. Phew. Glad I got that over with (in a good way).

Minor purchase:
Rabbit food for our pet rabbit, Mochi. Free rabbit for sale, FYI.

New trick:
Have to wait to see it in my next edit.

Trick you got on film:
See above question.

New person you brought out to Area 52:
Matt Piva and Ben Hargas

Photo you took with your phone:
A pic of my beer and the chicken I was barbecuing. Sent to Parks.

Text you sent:
"NO WAY!!!" Just now sent that to Rathy after he sent a text to me saying he just got rear-­ended.

Instagram account you started following:

House guest:
Kandace Harbin

Broken bone:
Collar bone

Thing you ate:
Chick-fil-A. Took down two sandwiches.

New person you met:
James Hinchcliffe

Plane ride:
To Dallas for Thanksgiving.

MGK, in Cleveland.

Home-cooked meal:
Two nights ago. I cooked some bomb-ass chicken.

Time you surprised yourself:
Yesterday, filming with Aaron Rathy. I landed something I thought wasn't possible for me.

Movie you watched:
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Probably the best movie I have watched in a long time.