Kicker Bullfrog Speaker – Product Review

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Kicker Bullfrog Speaker Kicker Audio

If you have used Kicker products in the past, you are familiar with their quality in both structure and sound. The Kicker Bullfrog is no exception. You get what you pay for, and if you’re willing to dish out the $400 for this speaker, you know that your cash is most certainly buying a product that justifies the cost. It boasts a Bluetooth range of 100 feet and can last 20 hours on a full charge, as long as you aren’t charging your other devices from it. You can connect your device via Bluetooth or standard AUX cord, or you can simply listen to FM stations through its built-in antenna.

From the moment I picked the Bullfrog up, it was clear that this thing’s a tank, weighing in at roughly eight pounds. With its rubber exterior, this speaker was built to be tossed around and take a beating. The Bullfrog even claimed to be waterproof, and after a little test, we were convinced that this is the ultimate outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

When it comes to sound on the Bullfrog, this thing is loud, even for Kicker’s standards of Bluetooth speakers. Using this speaker in places where there is competing noise is no problem. Whether you’re vacuuming the house or mowing the yard, you’ll still be able to hear your jams. You could probably take this to a shuttle launch and still hear the Bullfrog. One of the raddest sound features of the Bullfrog was the placement of the speakers. With speakers on both sides, you get a true 360-degree sound that packs a punch.


Aside from volume, the sound quality of the Bullfrog is also great. It doesn’t matter if you’re listening to talk radio or techno, the sound comes through clear and crisp. If you wish to adjust bass or treble, that can easily be done through the Kicker connect app that can be downloaded for iPhone or Android. The app also allows you to choose more specifically through radio stations, since there is no viewing screen on the speaker itself. The coolest feature through the app has to be the Double-Kick feature. This allows you to take a second Bullfrog speaker and wirelessly synchronize it to the first one. This means two speakers, one device, and twice the party.


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