Inbox: Wake Romance

Let’s face it: When wakeboarding becomes a part of your life, it creeps into your relationships too. To what extent, we didn’t know for sure. So we reached out to our Facebook audience to see just how deep wakeboarding ran into their love lives. The results came flooding in with surprising fervency. Love is in the air, folks!

wakeboarding proposal
WINNERS: Kinzie Houston & Ted Dickman "I proposed to my fiancée last summer while riding doubles."WBM

Congratulations, Ted and Kinzie! Not only have you found true love, but you've also won our Inbox contest! We figured we'd do your future mothers-in-law a favor by passive-­aggressively hinting on their behalf with a free infant life jacket from Hyperlite. Have fun!

Hyperlite Wakeboards
Hyperlite Boys' Toddler Indy VestWBM


prom proposal wakeboarding
Mitch LowryWBM
proposal wakeboarding boat
Cory CiscoWBM
proposal wakeboarding jaws
Mike NiedfeldtWBM
wedding wakeboarding boat
Kyle Austin "Cruised up to my wedding in the Epic Boats 23v blaring "Final Countdown" by Europe."WBM