Humanoid's All Good Forever Lifetime Warranty & Impact Insurance

From Day 1 we’ve experimented with bucking the trend of conventional industry standards. Always fine tuning, taking great care in what we produce, and being strange. It’s in our DNA. Who needs more of the same? No one… So we sat the team down and reviewed the last few years of customer data with a fine tooth comb…Wait, no we didn’t. We joke, we joke! We know we build the most badass boards after years of hard work and testing. The outcome is two new programs we are officially announcing today. Both jive with our foundation of being strange. This is not an experiment.

All Good Forever Lifetime Warranty & Impact InsuranceHumanoid

The first we call the All Good Forever Lifetime Warranty. Yeah, you read that right. Buy a new wakeboard and you’ll get the option to purchase a Lifetime Warranty for under $100. Now, to be clear, this warranty doesn’t cover the abuses of everyday riding. It’s simply our guarantee to you – when you purchase from us, we place the highest quality materials & care into building your new wakeboard. By enrolling, we’ll have your back and cover your ride forever. We seem to think that’s a pretty long time.

Our second program aims to help the wakeboarders that have helped us spread the good word of industry leading durability that’s behind our name. It’s called Impact Insurance. It’s pretty simple. Impact Insurance covers catastrophic wakeboard damage. Here’s how this works. With Impact Insurance, should you damage your new wakeboard with an accidental impact [and we deem it unrideable], we’ll replace yours with a new board. Impact Insurance is $199 and offered on all new wakeboards.

Are we crazy? Maybe so. We are a team out to battle the status quo the only way we know how…using hard work, technology, integrity, intelligent design. Oh yea, and by being a bit strange. #Floridastrangest

To purchase any plans, browse any of our new wakeboards and select the All Good Forever Lifetime Warranty and Impact Insurance when adding your board to the shopping cart. Questions about what is covered under the All Good Lifetime Warranty & Impact Insurance are addressed in our customer support center.