Wakeboarders Remember Each Other During the Holidays

The ingredient that goes beyond boats and boards.
Presents on the lake
Christmas In Wakeville. Garrett Cortese

It’s the end of the year. Some are lucky enough to continue riding right through the holidays. For others, the boat is in the shed. In both camps, visions of new gear might dance through their heads.

Regardless of climate or geography, many also take time to reflect during this season. We remember the killer rides, those especially outstanding days when we, or a member of our family, or one of our friends, just knocked it out of the park.

We also remember the comraderie and support. Most ride with gang of people they enjoy and who help each other reach new heights (literally and figuratively.) The hang is often as good as the ride.

So, be grateful for the boat, the board and the foil. Be thankful for the lake and the companionship and for new highs attained. Be grateful for the health and the ability to get out on the water do what you love.

But most of all, be grateful for each other. We can’t be at our best alone.

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From the crew at Wakeboarding: we are grateful for you. It’s you, our friends and fans, who allow us to write about, photograph and film one of the most amazing things there is to do on this planet.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best for the coming year.